Finding deleted Tweets

Finding deleted tweets is one of the most popular ways to discredit someone for what they said years ago.

I mean, of course, you can also use it to find a tweet that you like.

But let’s be honest: in today’s world, finding a copy of a deleted tweet that says terrible things said by a
celebrity or politician is like finding a diamond in a gold mine.

It isn’t effortless for people to find deleted tweets on Twitter, especially from deleted Twitter accounts.

While advanced search and archive queries may work to view deleted tweets, you won’t be able to view tweets from archived or deleted versions.

However, the Wayback Machine takes screenshots, but they are random at best and may not give you the results you want.

How to quickly view deleted tweets on Twitter?

Any daily Twitter user would often be frustrated by accidentally deleting a tweet. If you press only a few buttons
the wrong way, you’ll delete a tweet so that you won’t see it again.

At the same time, it’s unimaginable to rekindle your tweets on your Twitter profile.

Some services allow you not only to view but to recover multiple deleted tweets. Recite on to discover some of the most effective.

There are many reliable ways to recover a deleted tweet. Twitter’s native methodology is still the simplest and best, especially since Twitter always keeps your tweets, and you won’t do anything about it.

However, you are limited to viewing them offline, so may also be needed millions of scrolls.

On the other hand, if you accurately recognize the date of the tweet you’re looking for, the Wayback Machine might also be useful to you.

The first way to use the application.

An application can quickly recover all deleted tweets that have already been shared in the user’s Twitter history.

Many people don’t know this, but it is beneficial and reliable. Now follow the simple steps to view deleted tweets.

1. Access the application via this link:

2. Enter the username of the Twitter you want to retrieve or view the tweets.

3. Confirm the profile and wait for the application to retrieve all tweets. After that, complete the verification,
and you are good to go.

The usual way to see deleted messages

Log in to your Twitter.

Click the profile icon.

Choose the “settings and privacy” options.

In the content section, try to request your file. It means that you are asking for everything that has already been
stored on the Twitter server with your username.

Wait for the email:

An official email will send your email address, which was used to create that particular account.

After receiving an email, you will see all the files that have been stored in a zip file. Use any application to decompress, and you are ready to see all deleted tweets.

See deleted messages using the return machine

Copy or Type a link in the address box and press Enter.

It will mainly take you to the search results displayed as a calendar. Each quote with a snapshot is circled in

Hover over that date to see the exact number of shots taken that day if there is more than one. Otherwise, you can
also click on the date.

Note: You will most likely need to log into Twitter, depending on what you are looking for. Also, you cannot choose
the interface language in any other way.

However, the Wayback Machine will take you to the site and allow you to change the date by accessing its menu at the top of
the screen.

Use Twitter’s advanced search

As with most digital technologies, using the built-in app for all your needs, including finding information, is by far the safest.

To view the deleted tweets from your account using Twitter’s built-in advanced search:

1. Go to Twitter’s advanced search page.

2. Go to the subheading “People.”

3. Enter your username (without the @ symbol) in the From These Accounts field.

4. In the Date field, enter search parameters for the start and end dates.

5. Click “Search,” and Twitter will show all the tweets for the time frame you selected.

Besides, you can also search for keywords in your tweets under the “Words” subheading

Under the heading “Words,” you will have three options:

All these words

It displays only tweets that match your search parameters.

That exact phrase

It displays only tweets where the word and word position match your search term.

Any of these words

It displays tweets containing at least one of the searched words.

This method has its limitations.

If you’re one of those doesn’t want to share personal information with third-party apps, it’s best to use Twitter’s
built-in advanced search feature.


You can view deleted tweets using various third-party tools and multiple methods that allow you to hack Twitter for
you to consider.

However, You need to install third-party tools or applications because they are designed to make your job easier, you don’t
need to do anything if you have them.

This way, you can quickly and conveniently view deleted tweets on Twitter without breaking any laws.

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