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American spirit colors – Aromas of Native American Spirit Cigarettes

American spirit colors – Aromas of Native American Spirit Cigarettes

American Spirit colors

American Spirit colors are the cigarettes manufactured by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, owned by Reynolds American.

Product packaging is “100% additive-free,” and some products have organic tobacco.

Natural American Spirit Tobacco is the only major tobacco brand that sells “natural,” “organic,” and “additive-free” products.

However, the study confirmed the results of a previous Truth Initiative study, in which 50-60% of adults rated Natural
American Spirit cigarettes as less harmful.

What are all the aromas of Native American Spirit Cigarettes, and what do the colors mean?

  • All “Natural American Spirit” cigarettes supposedly have “100% natural additive-free tobacco”, but they take it with a grain of salt.
  • Moreover, Natural American Spirit is a trademark of cigarettes and other tobacco products, currently owned by Reynolds American.

Products of American Spirit cigarettes

  • Natural American Spirit offers various types of selected filter cigarettes color-coded to indicate nicotine and tar content.
  • And also, it is modified using different filters and rolls of paper.
  • Basically, American Spirit also introduces a Perique blend filter cigarette containing 10% Perque Tobacco and an organic filter cigarette, including organic tobacco.
  • Natural American Spirit also offers several “Roll Your Own” tobaccos in boxes and bags.
  • In the UK, American Spirit roll-your-own tobacco is available in blue (standard) or yellow (clear).
  • By name alone, as in the UK, all tobacco products are packaged in olive-colored packaging.
  • However, both are available only 30g. American Spirit cigarettes in the 1920s are blue, yellow, or orange.

Flavors of Native American Spirit Cigarettes their Colors

  • Natural American Spirit offers various types of selected filter cigarettes color-coded to indicate nicotine and tar content.
  • According to Santa Fe, everyone uses the same tobacco, but the nicotine and tar content released is different using different filters and cigarette papers.
  • However, I couldn’t name all the colors outside the bat because many special editions don’t last long or only appear a few times a year.

But the primary colors are:


  • Smooth and soft, the lightest option you can get.


  • It is their light equivalent.


  • What would usually be red in most other brands, regular, full-tasting, medium-weight cigarettes?

Light green

  • It is a full-flavored cigarette with a little menthol.

Dark Green

  • It is a full-flavored cigarette with strong menthol.
  • Not sure if they only put menthol in the filter or tobacco, but it’s a robust menthol flavor, so I’d suggest light green unless you like a strong taste like Newports


  • These cigarettes have Perique, uniquely flavored tobacco grown, and barrel-aged found in Louisiana.
  • Be careful when smoking these as they tend to pop and crackle a little when burned and don’t hold together very well when incinerated.

American Spirit was once American Natural Spirit

  • Native American culture and tobacco have been inextricably linked together for centuries.
  • Most of the traditional ceremonies of the natives include tobacco – but the use of tobacco only in its original form.
  • Moreover, American Spirit is of authentic tradition. From day one, American Spirit has whole leaf tobacco.
  • This quality gives the American Spirit its unmistakable taste. The concept is “back to basics.
  • The head of the Indian chief on each package is a sign of respect for the traditional, indigenous use of tobacco and the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company’s philosophy.
  • The tradition of smoking strengthens with the American Spirit.
  • And also, they have whole leaf tobacco with no ribs and no closed additives. The tobaccos are selected by experts so that it guarantees high-quality blend of American Spirit.
  • Of course, tobacco contains nicotine and condensate (tar), and carbon monoxide.
  • However, none of the additives are present, such as sugars, glycerol, propylene glycol flavors, flavors and preservatives, and Abbrennhilfen, to name a few of the additives in tobacco.

All ‘Natural American Spirit’ Varieties

  1. Blue Pack Plain / Regular Tar (K) 16.0 mg Nicotine (N) 1.79 mg
  2. “Regular Full-Bodied Taste” Tar Blue Tar (K) 16.0 mg Nicotine (N) 1.79 mg
  3. ‘Menthol Full-Bodied Taste’ Tar (K) 21.4 mg nicotine (N) 2.17 mg
  4. Green White Pack ‘Menthol Light Mellow Taste’ Tar (K) 13.1 mg nicotine (N) 1.42 mg
  5. “Medium Balanced Taste” Tar (K) sage pack 13.7 mg nicotine (N) 1.67 mg
  6. Pack of Yellow White “Ultra Light Mellow Taste” Tar (K) 5.9mg Nicotine (N) 0.77mg
  7. Yellow pack of “Light Mellow Taste” tar (K) 10.9 mg nicotine (N) 1.30 mg
  8. Pack of Organic Tar (K) Gold “Light Mellow Taste” 7.2mg Nicotine (N) 0.96mg
  9. Brown tar (K) unfiltered 27.9 mg nicotine (N) 2.73 mg
  10. Organic Maroon Pack “Regular Full-Bodied Taste” (K) 13.3 mg nicotine (N) 1.58 mg
  11. Black Pack ‘Perique Tobacco Blend – Rich Robust Taste’ Tar (K) 16.5 mg nicotine (N) 2.02 mg
  12. Cigarette Packaging Colors Mean

Basically, Cigarette manufacturers have reacted by simply removing the banned words from their cigarette packages and letting the colors do the talking.

For example, blue, gold, and silver are typically milder products, while red is a traditional cigarette and the color green for menthol cigarettes.

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Review American spirit colors – Aromas of Native American Spirit Cigarettes.

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