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4d Chess – What would a 4d chess look like? 4d Chess in US politics

4d Chess – What would a 4d chess look like? 4d Chess in US politics

4d Chess

4d Chess is an abbreviated term meaning that someone is so smart in the political movements that they can do one harmless little gesture here, another there.

And it will have ramifications that no one but someone else.

One so bright couldn’t see anywhere else, and before you know it, his enemies are overwhelmed, armed, and helpless in front of his skills.

Chess players play 2d chess.

In 3d Chess, there is probably an 8X8X8 cube in which the queen can move in 22 directions and the rook in 6 directions.

Four-dimensional Chess is impossible to visualize, but it’s a game played by Adam Schiff, for example. Parts and movements are well hidden from members of Congress outside of its committee.

Look, there are secret rooms in the basement of the U.S. Capital where DEM committees meet to plot their private plots against Trump.

However, they don’t see other pieces and moves on their own until they fall face down.

4d Chess

Things to remember when Playing 4d Chess

  • First, remember some points in recognizing where pieces can and cannot move.
  • We can think of each step of a runner’s movement as a sequence of mini-steps.
  • For instance, small forward, big right, and big backward corresponds to a three-dimensional movement.
  • Then, if the destination square is empty, we can make the same directional step by another small forward, big right, and big backward (assuming we don’t run into the side of our board).
  • And of course, it doesn’t matter which order we consider these three mini-steps.
  • And a piece that occupies one of the mini step locations does not block the piece’s movement.

What is 4d Chess in US politics?

  • ‘4d chess’ is a shorthand gag term for the idea that someone is super-clever in the political moves.
  • They can make a tiny, inoffensive move here, another over there.
  • It will have ramifications that no one except someone so brilliant could see in other places.
  • And before you know it, his enemies are outflanked and outgunned and helpless before his skill.
  • If you recall your Star Trek, they used to play a version of Chess called ‘3D Chess’ on three vertical boards of Chess, all of which could affect one another with arcane rules.
  • To win, you’d have to have an incredible ability to see moves in the future and predict your opponent in a ‘world’ with far more possibilities than regular Chess.
  • 4d chess would have even more possibilities. Life has a lot of options.
  • That’s the origin of the term.
  • I think most political moves are grosser in action myself, but the idea has some merit.
  • One example would be:
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, when he was in Congress, telling an aide to spread a story about his Congressional rival having relations with a pig.
  • When the aide asked, Johnson explained, “We all know it isn’t true. I want to see him deny it.”
  • He was setting up the press with a ‘Have you stopped beating your wife?” question.
  • The press would be sure to take it up, and once asked, there’s no way for the target to answer it without indelibly tarring the image in the viewer’s mind.

What is 4d Chess in US politics?

What would a 4D chess look like?

  • Regular Chess is 2-D, so first consider what 3-D Chess would look like, and then apply the generalization to 4-D Chess, but don’t expect to get anything very intuitive.
  • The same process involved in a square (2-D) to get a cube (3-D) gives insight to a tesseract (4-D) but not that much intuition.
  • A tessellated tesseract would, presumably, be the 8×8×8×88×8×8×8 playing field for 4-D chess where two opposite faces (cubes) might contain 2×83=10242×83=1024 pieces, including 512512 Pawns.
  • However, there are other ways to generalize the 2-D Chess layout.

Does Donald Trump play 4D chess with his political opponents, as his supporters claim?

Does Donald Trump play 4D chess?

  • Yes, he does. Scott Adams has covered this extensively in his blog.
  • His persuasion skills, according to Scott, were way ahead of the other R candidates, which led him to predict a Trump victory.
  • A recent example was Kellyanne Conway mentioning the “non-existent” Bowling Green Massacre to justify the immigration ban.
  • The media went out of its method to clarify that the incident was 2 Iraqi nationals in Bowling Green attempting to provide weapons to Al Qaeda in Iraq.
  • 4D chess move used the media to get out the real story, which was not well known before.
  • And therefore make her point that the U.S. was not able to vet refugees from terrorists.
  • Another frequently covered 4D move is Melania’s “plagiarised” speech, which resulted in free coverage of the whole lesson.

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