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Persephone and Hades – Who were children of Persephone in mythology?

Persephone and Hades – Who were children of Persephone in mythology?

Persephone and Hades

Persephone and Hades are generally viewed as having a stable and healthy relationship, and the two of them have a mutual fondness and respect for each other.

In Greek religion, Persephone, daughter of Zeus, the main god, and Demeter, the spirit of agriculture.
She was Hades’s wife, ruler of the Underworld.

In the Demeter to Homeric Hymn, Persephone gathered flowers in Nysa’s valley when she was taken from Hades and taken to the Underworld.

Upon learning of the kidnapping, his mother, Demeter, became indifferent to the harvest or the fertility of the land in her misery.

Zeus then intervened, ordering Hades to hand Persephone over to her mother.

Persephone had eaten only one pomegranate seed

Since Persephone had eaten only one pomegranate seed in the Underworld, however, he could not be fully liberated.

Persephone had eaten only one pomegranate seed

He had to stay a third of the year with Hades and spend the other two thirds with his mother.

It likely meant the story that Persephone spent four months a year in the Underworld was to explain Greek fields’ barren appearance in the height of summer.

After harvest, before their rebirth in the autumn rains, when they are plowed and sown.

Another myth of love and rapture in Greek mythology is the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Persephone and Hades

Who were the children of Persephone, and how did they fit into her mythology

  • Persephone was the descendant(daughter) of Demeter and Zeus and originally the Goddess of spring. She was magnificent and caught the attention of Hades, the king of the dead.
  • He kidnapped and forced to marry her, the Goddess of spring has become the queen of the Underworld.
  • Accounts differ as to whether her marriage to Hades was happy or offensive. I doubt the latter because every story
    I read says that Hades loved his wife.
  • Persephone canonically has two sons.

What makes Persephone love Hades?

1. Melinoe

  • Melinoe is the Goddess of impressions and the supplier of nightmares and madness.
  • It is usually has a pale or diseased complexion. Melinoe is Persephone’s daughter and called the daughter of Hades, although her birth father was Zeus.
  • Zeus came to Persephone in the form of his brother, and from there, conceived Melinoe.
  • Melinoe is “dressed in saffron,” an attribute is given only to her and the magical Goddess Hecate, which indicates some similarities between them.
  • Melinoe is also considered a moon goddess and is named as “half black and half white.”
  • This duality represents the difference between Zeus (celestial light) and Hades (infernal darkness).

2. Zagreus

  • Zagreus against conceived Persephone and Zeus’s union in Hades’ guise, the Orphic myths say.
  • This Zagreus would later become Dionysus. However, previous legends say that the boy’s father was Hades.
  • Also used Zagreus as an epithet for Hades in primitive mythology.

What makes Persephone love Hades?

  • In reality, it is not clear whether she liked him or not. This part is a bit fuzzy.
  • The many repetitions of the story make it difficult to know if he did. It makes it hard to answer this question without wanting to go to Google.
  • What might lead Persephone to love Hades is her tenacity. In myths, he chased her all the time because he loved her so much.
  • He also doesn’t treat her like a child-like his mother, Demeter. Instead, Hades sees Persephone as an important woman who deserves to be loved.

What do they have in common?

  • The couple from the Underworld might have in common how they both rule the Underworld.
  • They are both gods and are related to Zeus. (I know, it’s obvious). But whatever you might not know is that they both have a spiritual Earth and a spiritual underworld.
  • The “underworld,” spiritually, I mean, is the darkest part of the soul, the place where hatred, cruelty, and Death.
  • The “sun” is the lighter side of the soul, the place where you find love, kindness, and Life. It may sound cheesy, but it seems fair.
  • Hades still has his “Underworld,” especially without Persephone. When Persephone goes to the Underworld, she too is going through the spiritual “Underworld.”
  • When they are together, they both hold on to the “sun” to take away the rest of the pain. That’s what love does. It makes you happy.
  • Maybe that’s why they love each other. To keep each other in the “sun.” To keep yourself happy. Because they can’t face it alone.

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