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4 Ways To Get More Rest This Year

4 Ways To Get More Rest This Year

Getting enough rest is essential. Without getting enough sleep, your body has a hard time processing all of its systems which negatively influences mental clarity, level of judgment, and mood. Many physical consequences stem from a lack of sleep, including tiredness and poor circulation. It’s also not as safe to exercise after poor sleep. All these complications can be avoided with the right tools for rest. This year, make it your goal to get the rest you need! Here are four ways to get more rest this year.

1. Establish A Nightly Routine

Get into the groove of winding down for sleep by setting up a nightly routine you look forward to. You might decide to listen to an audiobook as you drift off or do some light journaling before bed. Whatever you need to do to clear your mind before sleep can be helpful. Imagining your thoughts and worries vanishing from your mind might be a helpful visual to get your mind ready for relaxation. You might choose to engage in self-care and take a bubble bath before sleep.

Consider the activities and habits that would be most effective for you and aim to follow your nightly routine consistently for the best results. Make sure that your bed is cozy; compare mattresses to find the right sleeping arrangements for your comfort needs.

2. Get A Weighted Blanket

Some people find that anxiety makes it difficult to fall asleep. Weighted blankets are supportive blankets designed to provide physical support, which in turn, can reduce anxiety and help you sleep. Consider investing in a weighted blanket that you feel would work for you and give it a try.

There are different weights you can consider depending on your comfort needs. You can even find weighted blankets that are best for colder and warmer times of the year. Choose lightweight options for hotter months and heavier options for colder months. It’s up to you to find the best type of blanket that suits your sleep needs.

Get A Weighted Blanket

3. Set A Sleep Schedule

You might find that relying on a sleep schedule is an effective way to get the rest you need. Not everyone can follow the same schedule, so it is essential to consider your unique dispositions in this regard. Are you a night owl? Do you wish to become a morning person?

Consider your expectations for sleep and act accordingly. Play with different sleeping considerations and timeframes to determine which set of 8 hours of rest feels right to you! You can even keep a sleep diary to chart your progress and make necessary changes.

4. Use A Smart Alarm Clock

There are now many smart alarm clocks that function by mimicking the natural rise and fall of sunlight. It’s important to reduce the amount of blue light in your room from sleeping with your smartphone and other electronic devices. You can also consider investing in blackout shades or curtains to reduce the light coming in from outside.

Viewing only the light that is emitting from your smart alarm clock can help your eyes adjust to the dim light setting so you can get a better night’s rest. By relying on an alarm clock like this, you can help your body get acquainted with your circadian rhythms and naturally find your best sleep.

The Bottom Line

Getting enough rest is an essential part of well-being. To be at your best, you must give yourself the tools you need to get there. Consider the suggestions above for getting better sleep this year. Don’t be afraid to start implementing different tools and techniques that can help you drift off.

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