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Others – This piece of writing will discuss one URL of one outstanding website named as In that URL, we will discover one article about Pakistani sculptor Khalil Chishtee, who says that not everything that is art has to reflect beauty. We will explore all his ideas and feelings about art and sculptures with a material we take for granted far too often – plastic. He knots, stretches, shreds, and binds plastic bags to create his life-sized sculptures of humans during tender, tragic moments, and always wrought with emotional tension. Chishtee believes in using art to impact history and finds that the typical materials of each era in human history carry their imprint.

About URL Website:

About URL Website_

The domain belongs to the generic Top-level domain .com. This domain has been recorded 11 years ago with, Inc. on 15 Mar 2012. The site has its servers in the United States and is run by the “Cloudflare” web server software. The website deals with categories like photography, urban art, architecture, videos, sculpture, painting and illustration. Overall, we can say it’s all about art and culture, how it has been dealing with abundant and modern materials in an architectural world like our era’s legacy.

Who Is Khalil Chishtee?

Who Is Khalil Chishtee_

Khalil Chishtee was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1964; he is a visual artist based in New York City. Chishtee embraces an MA in studio arts from Sac State, Sacramento, CA. Before moving to the States, he studied for a decade at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. Beyond exhibiting his work, Khalil has done public commissions in numerous cities of Pakistan. Now, he is tangled in numerous art commissions in NYC by directing his “desi aesthetics”.

His fixings, sculptures, and site-particular works have been exhibited internationally at locations like the 56th International Art Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia 2015, Art Festival Watou, Watou, Belgium, 2014, “Brain Drain”, a project for Art 14, London, The 50th Anniversary Of The IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species, UK 2014. And also, solo shows like: “Trash to Treasure”, Berlin Baku Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2015, “Detritus from exploded stars”, Sanat Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan, and “I Me and Mine.” Twelve Gates Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2014, “Sparkling truths”, Lahore, Pakistan 2011.

Plastic Life Changed By Khalil Chishtee

The Unconventional Canvas: Instead of using traditional materials like marble or bronze, Chishtee repurposes discarded plastic bags. Thus, transforming them into thought-provoking sculptures. This choice is deliberate, as he seeks to draw devotion to the environmental issues associated with plastic waste while also conveying more profound messages through his art.

Themes of Struggle and Humanity: Chishtee’s sculptures often depict human forms entangled and distorted, representing the struggles and challenges of life. Plastic bags reinforce the transient nature of existence, emphasizing the fragility of human relationships and the impermanence of material possessions. His art serves as a powerful commentary on the socio-political landscape. Hence, touching on themes of displacement, conflict, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Embracing Imperfection: One of the striking features of Chishtee’s work is its intentional imperfection. His sculptures’ raw and unpolished nature challenges the conventional pursuit of flawlessness in art. Instead, he embraces the flaws and irregularities, highlighting the inherent imperfections that make us human.

Beyond Aesthetics: While many artists strive to create visually pleasing masterpieces, Khalil Chishtee’s focus extends beyond aesthetics. His art serves as a medium for social commentary, addressing pressing issues such as poverty, displacement, and environmental degradation.

Khalil Chishtee’s Ideas About Art

Khalil Chishtee's Ideas About Art

Khalil aims his art for transformation rather than decoration, diversion, or indoctrination. In his view, art is meant to cultivate knowledge of how to be in the world for working over life. And it can effectively raise a more profound sympathy for your own experiences.

Therefore, as an architect of our era’s legacy, he manipulates plastic, an abundant and modern material. Whereas his material may be modern, the stories and ideas he expresses in his artworks are the age-old fictions of humanity’s love and scrap and provoke deep, soul-searching queries. “The simple intention to create and question is what makes art powerful,” says Chishtee of the impact of art on culture.

“These days, when many countries, leaders, and conditions are playing with the lives of normal people, we need more and more artists to support us look and question. It is more significant than anything as a better person form a better society.” His beliefs are stated brightly in many of his works. Thus, which usually address existing events and issues, especially in Pakistan, his own country.

Khalil Chishtee In

Khalil Chishtee In Multigrafico.com_ https___multigrafico.com_khalil-chishtee-no-todo-el-arte-es-belleza_

In, they say Khalil Chishtee makes sculptures based on plastic and garbage bags. His message is not exactly something environmental or a new green culture; instead, it is art creation from something not usually seen as aesthetic. Although it should be noted, Chishtee points out that not everything that is art has to reflect beauty.

Khalil Chishtee’s works reflect the human figure in various scenarios full of feelings. Thus, it is truly incredible to see how, from bags, he can create two human silhouettes. And ideally create an atmosphere of affection and love or recreate a scene worthy of a circus. In contrast, The bags are suspended in the air. Khalil Chishtee also has typography work and makes wood sculptures, although today, we will only present his plastic sculpture.


Hence, showed us how Khalil Chishtee’s art challenges us to redefine our understanding of beauty. Through his use of unconventional materials and exploration of imperfection, he encourages viewers to see the profound beauty in the discarded, the transient, and the socially uncomfortable. In a world where perfection often takes precedence, Chishtee’s work is a poignant reminder. That true beauty can appear from the most unpredicted places and that art can elevate our perception of the world. His art celebrates the imperfect, a testament to the idea that not all art is about beauty. Thus, sometimes, it’s about unveiling beauty in imperfection.

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