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Facebook – Security, How to know who visits your Facebook profile?

Facebook – Security, How to know who visits your Facebook profile?


Facebook is a USA social media and social networking service based in California.

Thus, it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his Harvard fellow students and roommates.

One can access Facebook from any of the devices like PC or mobile phones etc. We are having internet connectivity.

The users can share text, videos, photos, and other things with their friends through this platform.

Stories Feature on Facebook

  • Facebook recently launched the ‘Stories’ feature on the style of Instagram and Snapchat.
  • To create a ‘New Story,’ press on the corresponding blue process and activate the camera, starting the Life or the
  • In perfect Snapchat style, the ‘Story’ remains active for 24 hours which it disappears permanently from Facebook.
  • Well, the novelty, for our speech, is that you can analyze the contacts that have viewed our ‘History.’ Here’s how to do it:
  • Open the ‘ History.’ press on the eye icon located at the bottom left to analyze the blue dots next to the views and name.
  • Of course, as far as ‘normal’ posts and photographs are concerned, there is no tool to know who has viewed them.
  • But it is likely that those who follow our ‘Stories’ love to follow us at all.

How To Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

  • But with the vast advancement and development, there are some loopholes which are needed to be covered.
  • These loopholes are security issues like who viewed your profile and others.
  • The main reason because Facebook is an open world platform with a vast user base, and one can visit and use the pics of others in some wrong way or other.
  • Many uncountable fake profiles are still living on Facebook, which you need to take care.
  • One can also use any person’s personal information in an unnatural manner that may hinder a person’s reputation.
  • In our day to day life, we come across many cases of frauds through fake accounts.
  • These sometimes have to lead to the loss of finance or loss of life of the person.
  • But there are also some other reasons because of which the users want to know about who has viewed their profile.
  • So, if you are among those who also wanted to know about the person who viewed your profile, then this information is for you.
  • This is the one-stop spot where you can get the complete information related to who viewed your profile.
  • Maybe you have tried a lot of times on Facebook to know about who viewed your profile

It is not possible to know who visits your Facebook Profile

  • Around the Net, various solutions promise to achieve the goal of knowing who visits your Facebook profile, spying on the activities of friends.
  • Still, they rarely work correctly and are sometimes even used as “Trojan horses” to infect the computer with viruses.
  • But there is currently no way to find out who visits a Facebook profile.
  • After the proliferation of applications that promised to spy on the activities of friends and to discover the identity of the visitors of the profile,
  • The managers of Facebook have banned these types of solutions.
  • And announced that ” Facebook does not provide applications or groups that allow users to view who has visited profiles.
  • Or statistics on how often a certain content has been viewed and by whom. “
  • In other words, it is forbidden to create applications to find out who visits a Facebook profile.
  • All those that are currently around are fake, do not work, and are often dangerous from the point of view of privacy.
  • They steal the data of users who install them for then resell them to the highest bidder.
  • If you have fallen victim to it, too, follow the instructions I am about to give you and get rid of it immediately!

Focus on security and privacy

  • A focus and in-depth analysis of security and privacy are then necessary.
  • If we think that someone is viewing our profile and we fear that they may be a stalker, first of all, it is a good
    idea to remove the friendship as soon as possible.
  • The problem, however, concerns our sharing policy. Many users post continuous updates on their daily activities.
  • For an attacker, it is elementary, following what we publish, to learn our habits, from what time we take our child to school, where we usually go in the afternoon when it is more likely that our home is empty.
  • Therefore, the real rule for security and privacy on Facebook is to limit the shares that tell of our daily habits to a minimum.
  • Facebook profile alerted, Facebook profile half saved.

Facebook’s position on the subject

  • As you know, Facebook has had problems in recent years with privacy and with the use that some applications made of user data.
  • The official position of the social network is as follows:
  • “Facebook does not provide applications or groups that allow users to view who has visited the profiles or statistics on how often a certain content has been viewed and by whom.”
  • There is practically no application, group, event, or page to show you who visits your Facebook profile. You will then wonder why we wrote this post.

Well, there are two reasons

The first is to warn you

  • Even if we know that the news has somewhat disappointed you, that there is no possibility of having information on who looks at your Facebook page.

The second reason is to warn you

  • Browsing the internet, you will indeed have found one or more Apps to see who looks at your Facebook profile.
  • It promises you, without delay, to let you discover who is spying on your Facebook profile, and maybe you have even downloaded it.
  • Unfortunately, the bad news is that not only do they not work, but these same applications have access to your data and, perhaps, can use it badly.

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