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What is Hearing Loss Prevention Based on?
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What is Hearing Loss Prevention Based on?

What is Hearing Loss Prevention Based on? – We often find out from the closest people that we are starting to have hearing problems because not only do we have problems with understanding what they are saying, but we also start to speak louder. Such symptoms of hearing deterioration may appear regardless of age, so it is worth taking care of your hearing as soon as possible, using appropriate preventive measures. What is it about?

Avoid the noise

One of the critical preventive habits is to avoid loud noise. We can be exposed to noise in many different situations. These are not only loud music events, concerts or discos, because we can also be exposed to excessive noise at work. Employees of large production plants and even teachers are exposed to such nuisance. The bass, that is, sounds below 100 Hz, are especially harmful. If we cannot avoid them, then at least keep at a greater distance from the source of noise and use special headphones or stoppers. People who are frequently exposed to such noise should regularly get an online hearing test.

Take care of proper ear hygiene

Although it is well known that you should not use cotton buds to clean your ears, still a very large group of people do so. Unfortunately, this behavior can lead not only to hearing deterioration but also to other serious diseases that can contribute to complete loss of hearing. With a cotton bud, we push the earwax deeper into the ear, causing congestion, and the ear loses its natural ability to clean itself.

Protect your ears from the cold

Wearing a hat is not only a way to avoid getting cold quickly – thanks to wearing a hat, but we also protect our ears against serious diseases that can lead to permanent hearing loss. Also, remember that any ear infection should be treated completely as complications can be even more severe than the infection itself.

Do check-ups regularly

It is primarily recommended for those people who are exposed to excessive noise on a daily basis. Hearing can be checked not only by a doctor but also by, for example, an online hearing test – any abnormalities should always be consulted with a doctor because early detection of a slight hearing loss significantly increases the prognosis for complete recovery.

Provide yourself with pleasant silence and soft music

The proper functioning of the hearing organ is also influenced by silence – it is worth ensuring such a luxury during the day. It can also be beneficial for us to listen to soft music with the right intensity and the right sounds. Such therapeutic character has, among others, special relaxing music and classical music.

Use good headphones

We usually listen to music at home or on the street using headphones. It turns out that the best choice is headphones that do not force sounds directly into the ear canal like in-ear headphones and also isolate us from outside noise. In the center, in-ear headphones provide isolation but direct the sounds to the eardrum.

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