Before filing your divorce case, your attorney would like to check some important documents to understand your case accurately. Even though you may think you know enough about your partner and yourself, the initial consultation with a divorce attorney can lose significance if you do not have the necessary paperwork, such as joint bank accounts, property records, income certificates, etc.

Therefore, if you have decided to proceed with a divorce, get in touch with The Harris Firm and collect the documents mentioned below to make your first meeting with your divorce lawyer impactful.

6 Documents To Take When Meeting Divorce Lawyer

Here are important documents you should be carrying when meeting a divorce lawyer for the first time.

Marriage documents

When your case is presented in court, your attorney will be asked for information related to your marriage. Therefore, bring your marriage documents, like your marriage certificate, along with you when you meet your lawyer.

Real estate documents

Your prenuptial documents are required to divide the properties after the divorce, so remember to bring copies of your real estate document for equal division of assets. Furthermore, bring the documents of the assets you do not want to divide and are solely yours to help the attorney understand how to file the case for property division.

Income proofs

The court will require proof of income to understand your and your spouse’s financial position. This will help in the child custody, alimony, and property division. Therefore, bring your index tax returns, paycheck stubs, your spouse’s paycheck, bank account holding, and proof of any additional income you or your spouse earn.

Debt and mortgage documents

If there is any debt left to be paid by you and your spouse, then bring the debt documents with you so you do not end up paying the debt alone after divorce. Show your home equity lines of credit, mortgage, loan application, promissory note, etc., to your attorney, along with the reason why they were incurred.

Evidence of abuse from a spouse

If the reason for separation with you is physical abuse, then make sure you bring the evidence of the abuse with you. Your attorney can make your husband pay for his wrong deeds by presenting this evidence in court against him.

Divorce papers

Some people apply for divorce first and then visit an attorney. In this case, bring all the divorce documents with you to your attorney to help him understand where your case stands at the given point, and no repeated steps are taken.