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What are the best places that you need to cover in the city of Ernakulam?

What are the best places that you need to cover in the city of Ernakulam?

Centuries ago, the merchants in Kerala were trading spices in exchange for gold and precious stones, due to which the popularity of Kerala has significantly increased as a business place. In those days, Ernakulam was the centre of the historical spice Route, which had already attracted a good number of popular explorers like Vasco da Gama. The influence of multiple civilisations over here makes it definitely worth visiting and can be easily witnessed through the architecture, food items and communities of Ernakulam. Hence, planning a trip to the city is definitely worth it, and staying at Ernakulam Hotel is a good idea so that you can enjoy easy Accessibility to the places to be visited in the city:

  1. Mattancherry Palace: This is one of the most important places to be visited in this city, which will definitely attract you due to the old-fashioned neighbourhood of this area. This street was lined by the mutton butchers, due to which it has been very much famous by this particular name. Nowadays this place is highly successful in exhibiting the old centuries architecture along with social and cultural imprints which have been left by the foreigners. This place has been declared a heritage site by the government and is basically a very good inspiration to historians and filmmakers alike. This is one of the most prominent places to be visited by individuals on a trip to the city of Kochi or Ernakulam.
  2. Vypeen Island: This is another very important and beautiful place to visit in the city, which is definitely worth it. Certainly, this is one of the best islands in the entire Kerala, and a short and beautiful ferry ride from this city will take you to the basic beautiful island. This place is very well covered by the beaches and the backwaters, along with a significant variety of restaurants and hotels. Basically, you will be getting the best scenery at this place, and this is very far away from the bustling environment of the city, which makes it definitely worth visiting, especially for nature lovers.
  3. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: This is one of the best possible centuries in the entire Kerala in India, and basically this is heaven for nature enthusiasts. In the words of Salim Ali, this is one of the richest possible areas of the entire India and is home to a good number of species of migratory birds as well. Thick forests are also very well present over here so that you can get the best possible games into the wildlife without any problem.
  4. St George Church: this is another very important and ancient Orthodox church in the city of Ernakulam which is definitely worth visiting. It has been believed that it was conducted by Bishop MARSABOR, who helped in bringing the god’s word, as per the Saint Thomas Christians, to Kerala. This place is definitely worth visiting if you are interested in adding the element of spirituality to your trip.
  5. CHERAI Beach: Another very important and beautiful place that you need to visit in the city is this beach. This is situated at a distance of 30 km from the city of Cochin, and the strategic location of the space makes it definitely worth visiting. The surrounding greenery and the sea shells present over here in different shapes will be helpful in improving the element of experience on this beach, and ultimately, you can witness Chinese fishing Nets, which helps in improving the beauty of this area. The coastline of this place is approximately 15 km long and ultimately provides people with Accessibility to the distinguishing factor from all the other areas.
  6. Changampuzha Park: This is another very beautiful place to visit in this particular city because it will provide you with the optimum combination of beautiful art with culture. This place is very well spread across 1 acre of land and is only 55% public park. This is a living tribute to the renowned Malayalam poet, and the park is very well named after him, which has also become a very vibrant cultural hub of this particular Cochin area.
  7. Marine Drive of Kochi: This particular place perfectly looks at the backwaters of Kerala and is one of the most popular hangout spaces in the city. This is very successful in providing people with the promenade of the walkway, about 3 km, and this is a fantastic place to spend time in the company of your loved ones.
  8. Fort Kochi: This is one of the most important cases that you need to visit the separate western part of the city and is very well successful in providing people with colonial beauty. This place is holding on to every single cultural change which has already gone through the centuries and everybody will be able to enjoy a lot over here. The tourists over here very well flock all year around and ultimately help provide people with Access to Portuguese and Dutch colonialism, which has already affected the other areas as well. The city has been very well covered with similar structures and also comes with the overall ambience, which keeps you reminded about the colonial powers that ruled this place once.
  9. Hill Palace Museum: This is one of the most beautiful places that you need to visit in the city of Ernakulam in Kerala, and it was built in 1865 which was once the imperial administrative offices. This was also the official residence of the Maharaja of Cochin, and just as the name suggests, it is located on a beautiful hill and also comes with a beautiful garden for everyone.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you should also plan a visit to the basic and cultural Kathakali Centre over here while considering the accommodation at spacious Ernakulam hotel. The Kathakali Centre will definitely provide you with special architecture, which is made up of wood carvings, and basically, this place will come with a very traditional and appealing look. You can easily enjoy a good number of dance performances over here, which will be extremely commendable and will provide you with insights into the cultural beauty of the state of Kerala.

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