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Top 5 keyword ranking tools you should know

Top 5 keyword ranking tools you should know

Top keyword ranking tools you should know – Keywords play a vital role in SEO. Any person who has basic knowledge about search engine optimization would have known the importance of keywords. So let me tell you what keywords are actually. Keywords are the words and topics used to define about your content. The words and topic phrases that we use while searching on search engines like google, bing, etc., are called keywords. Keywords are also known with another name that is search queries.

When we search for content by entering the keywords, the search engine shows us the relevant content by forming a link between the user and optimized sites. Therefore, a good keyword strategy is essential to get featured on the search engine’s result page. You need to know about the performance of your strategy and website by using online keyword rank checker sites and tools. Now I will make you know about the tools that will help you in tracking keywords. They are mentioned here:

DYNO Mapper-

DYNO mapper is one of the best available tools you can use to track your keywords. It is the only tool that generates the visual sitemap. After making the sitemap, it will automatically pull any keyword you have used in your website’s meta. In addition, the DYNO mapper allows you to keep a record of individual keyword phrases through search engines and locations.

DYNO mapper provides you with information on your internal links, accessibility testing, content inventory, audits, etc. Now, you have seen one tool providing the best facilities to you. This tool integrated with google analytics fully.

It provides you with giving knowledge about pages that got the highest rankings. It is the essential information that will help you in planning for future content, posts, and existing content. Also, it is the information that will help you in redesigning your website.

SEO profiler-

Suppose you do not like dyno mapper, then I can provide you with the second option of using seo profiler. It is not limited to just keyword tracking and it provides you much more facilities and privileges. It also offers you many features but not more than the first option that is dyno mapper.

Seo profile is very convenient and effortless to use. It is also combined with google analytics, similarly the way dyno mapper. Seo profiler utilizes two primary tools that made it a second recommendation for your guys.

Seo profile will record your significant competitors and give you the information about keywords they are using to maintain a good ranking. You can use those keywords in your content, and you have to monitor how well these keywords are performing for your website compared to your competitors. You can consider seo profile as the best keyword rank checker tool as it provides you the news and information about your competitor’s keyword strategy.

The second tool used by seo profile is to notify you about keyword opportunities. It will suggest to you the keywords that are not performing well and the keywords that can perform better if used correctly in the content and post. Notification about keyword opportunities can act as an advantage to keep you ahead of your competitors. You have to choose the right keyword whose popularity is rising.


SEMrush is the third suggestion as a keyword tracking tool but let me clarify that It does not provide you information about competitor’s keyword strategies used like dyno mapper and seo profiler do. But SEMrush has its attractions. First, it gives you suggestions and recommendations to improve your site.

It is a tool that is very easy to use. SEMrush can rank a site’s search engine like google and bing results by giving the URL on this tool’s search bar. Once you get the results, also,  you will be able to compare the results with other websites and pages. It can be get done by selecting a keyword.

Competitive research and keyword research gadget-

It is not a tool. It is more like a gadget, as the name suggests. You have to add the gadget to your website as a widget; it will appear as a button. By clicking it, you will be able to get information about your site’s keyword ranking.

It is a free installation gadget that also includes a too regarding the competitive analysis. By using this tool, you can compare your site with the other competitors and know where your efforts are lacking. Furthermore, this gadget gives you the option of integrating with any other keyword tracking tool of your choice. The facility makes it easy for anyone to analyze website performance and easy comparison with other competitors.

It also provides the option like site mapping, keyword suggestions, and backlinks overtime just like above mentioned three tools.

Google keyword planner-

It is the tool launched by Google, initially launched as a google keyword tool and traffic estimator. And this tool will help you in research keywords and trends. It is the online keyword rank checker tool to know about the ranking of your keywords and its function in ranking your website in search engines.

If you are already preparing content, you can use google keyword planner to help you know the suitable keywords for your business. In addition, it will provide you the relatable words, phrases that can be used relating to your website.

Google keyword planner has not limited to providing you suggestions about keywords, but It also lets you know how these keywords will rank well. In addition to the present rank, google keyword rank planner will provide you a report on the performance of your keywords used over time by providing you with data related to how commonly they get searched.

Google keyword planner is the online keyword position checker that will let you know about keywords and websites’ ranking. It will also help you in getting information about your competitors’ site performance. It provides pretty accurate results for the google search engine and it is a tool that is free for all. You need to signup for a free adword account.

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