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Tender to delivery service provider – What does it mean?

Tender to delivery service provider – What does it mean?

Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

Tender to delivery service provider means that the package you have ordered from a service provider has dropped off at the nearest post office.

That package will deliver to you within a short time. Yet, the time limit for different services is different to offer the order

So, there is an involvement of intermediate delivery partners that convey the luggage with cooperation.

Same in the case of DHL, it passes off the parcel to transportation partners that arrives at USPS.

And then set off to be delivered at your local post office for final delivery at your doorstep.

Suppose once the consignment has been handover to USPS. In that case, one may not be seeing tracking updates until he receives the package.

The multinational service providers can’t make the delivery possible directly at your doorstep.

So, several intermediate transportation may involve to make it possible. United states postal service is also a delivery partner and maybe the last mile partner if it is your local post office.

A delivery service provider’s tender is a notification released from the last mile partner of delivery service.

What does tendered to the post office means?

  • Whenever you order something from amazon, FedEx, or any service, the parcel that you have requested does not reach you in a single step.
  • It passes through several intermediate points and then finally touches your doorstep.
  • After passing through all the steps, it finally reaches the last mile partner that will ultimately deliver the parcel to you.
  • That last mile partner 1 is mostly your city’s post office that receives the parcel from delivery service and hands over it to you.
  • The tracking record sent to you from the shipper then notifies you that “your parcel is tender to the post office”. It means that it will reach you in no time without any further steps.

What does “Tendered to Postal Service” mean?

  • When a shipment is tendered, notice to a service provider with an offer to carry the cargo. DHL or FedEx, and the USPS ships your glam bag.
  • “Tendered” means DHL or FedEx has passed your package on to USPS, and your Glam Bag will soon be on the way to your local post office for delivery.
  • “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” means that for domestic shipments, your box has been handoff from DHL to USPS.

Does DHL transfer to USPS?

  • Background: DHL by Deutsche Post. So to cut costs, they often send international packages using DHL planes to off-set their price.
  • So what the USPS does is send the packages through us, then deliver them to the post office in Washington, then the local mail carriers have it to the receiver.


  • It is a notification that means the parcel you have ordered from some multinational company has been pass over to your area’s local post office.
  • The post office considers that the last-mile partner will receive and deliver the package at your doorstep the same day or the next day. It is because of less staff and inadequate facilities.
  • Most international delivery service companies such as FedEx, DHL, and 4px offer the clients a tracking record about their parcel.
  • And also tender to the delivery service provider is one of the notifications.

Substituted Service

  • If a personal delivery or a personal service fails or the recipient refuses, the process server has other methods to serve the legal papers.
  • The law recognizes the difficulty in tendering the legal process personally; that is why it provides other means that a person may do.
  • Only emphasizes the importance of good service to the other party with the legal documents.

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