The ITIL Foundation Certification is the latest training program available in the market. It has been designed as an easy to complete, comprehensive and innovative training platform that covers most aspects of ITIL. However, like all other IT courses and exams, ITIL Foundation Exam requires certain basic skills and knowledge base which one must possess before he/she can be declared as a suitable candidate to take the examination. The candidate who possess such knowledge base and have taken the foundation course, may be able to pass the foundation ITIL examination easily. Moreover, the candidate can also choose to upgrade his/her skills by taking additional courses or programs offered by many institutes across the world.

So, how to prepare for ITIL foundation exams? The first step that a student should take is to find out from his/her teacher, the schedule of exams. Then he/she should familiarize with the test dates, format, types and number of questions that are going to be asked in the exams. If there are some additional requirements for getting the foundation ITIL certification, then it would be better to mention these requirements. This will help the student to prepare accordingly.

There are many institutes which offer ITIL training programs. Some of these institutes offer both classroom and distance learning courses. The ITIL training courses are usually designed keeping in mind the working style of an IT professional. They also try to understand the real life situations of people who work in IT industries. Hence, the students get exposed to real practical applications of ITIL which they can apply in their daily work as IT professionals.

There are many institutes that offer ITIL training courses. These courses are usually divided into several modules, which cover different aspects of ITIL. Some of these courses include Hands on Practical Training (HPT), Fundamentals of ITIL (FiP), Application Based Learning (ABL) and Web Services for ITIL Professionals (WSIP). The sequence of these courses is also based upon the level of study at ITIL institute.

Hands on Practical Training (HPT) helps students in the practical application of ITIL principles. It also helps them in understanding the different topics related to ITIL. The institute, which offers this course should be a reputed institution. Many of the ITIL courses also offer Fundamentals of ITIL. In addition to it, the institute offering these courses must also offer various other courses related to ITIL.

Application Based Learning (ABL) is a good option for students who want to have a basic knowledge in ITIL. Many of the institutes that offer ITIL courses also offer application-based training. These courses are divided into various modules. The first module of these courses is Introduction to ITIL. In this module, students get the basic information about ITIL including its history, principles, benefits and other aspects.

Fundamentals of ITIL are also offered by many ITIL institutes. The number of these courses varies according to the size of the institute offering it. For exam purposes, many ITIL foundation exams include questions based on the foundation syllabus. The ITIL Foundation Exam includes three main sections – Process, Services and Architecture. Students can opt for any of these sections from the exam institute.

Another important aspect of ITIL is to maintain high grades. Students who successfully complete ITIL courses should maintain a B average or better in all subjects. The ITIL foundation exam includes question papers that are based on a specified question paper. To be able to pass the exam, students should understand and answer all the questions in the right manner.

Many ITIL institutes offer online courses. Students need to register for the course on their ITIL website. Then they will receive all the course materials through the Internet. They will not receive anything else besides the course materials until the student registers for the course. The cost of such an ITIL course is usually nominal.

Institutes also offer courses in classroom sessions. Students need to visit the ITIL Institute in their locality. The institute offers practical sessions that enable students to practice various techniques and abilities. This makes the ITIL courses even more interesting. The session is held at specific times of the day so that the student gets a chance to take part in the session at his or her convenience.

Before enrolling for any of the ITIL courses, you should check whether the ITIL courses offered by the institute are recognized by the government of the country where you reside. You may have to face some difficulties if the institute you choose does not offer recognized courses. In case the courses offered by your chosen institute are not recognized by the government, then you may have to switch to another institute. However, if you can find the institute offering ITIL courses that are recognized by the government, you will definitely be able to understand and pass the exam easily.