Online Employee Time Clock Software – There are several challenges that businesses face when it comes to payroll accuracy and compliance. Manual data calculation and time tracking are prone to errors, and there is no real way to ensure accuracy, even with constant supervision.

Online time clock software, however, has numerous features that not only help protect your business but help make sure your time tracking data remains as accurate as possible and you remain labor law compliant.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the role a team time tracking solution plays in payroll accuracy and compliance and why purchasing modern online employee time clock software is well worth the investment.

Accuracy and Ease of Use

Ensuring that employees follow clock in and out procedures is one of the cornerstones of ensuring your business stays compliant. For most companies with hourly employees, this is difficult to manage because they are still using manual time clocks. The clock in process is complicated and time-consuming, often requiring employees to leave whatever task they are doing to take a break or clock out for lunch.

Accuracy is another issue entirely. Employees must fill out their time cards and then hand them in. Manually entering time tracking information can be prone to errors because employees don’t remember their exact times or may make mistakes when filling out their sheets.

Online employee time clock software solves both these issues. The clock in process is much faster and more accessible; it can even be accessed by employees’ devices, making it possible to clock in and get straight to work. Having access to the online timecard system from any permitted device helps with workflow and makes employees more likely to take their breaks, resulting in fewer compliance issues.

On the timekeeping end, employees don’t have to worry about filling out their timesheets because all the timekeeping is done automatically and recorded for each employee so that no manual entry is necessary.

Reliable Data and Payroll Integration

Another problem businesses have is that they can’t guarantee reliable information as timesheets and employee tracking data pass from one person to another. With manual data entry, the data goes through several hands before it is entered into the system, which can mean errors in payroll and inaccurate reports. Both of these can lead to compliance issues and trouble for the business.

Online timesheet software data is much more reliable because it is recorded automatically in real-time and stored. Each change or correction is also logged so that there is a digital trail if records are altered in the event of an audit by the department of labor. This helps ensure compliance, and having documents stored will make it easier to access them if necessary.

Payroll integrations make it possible to take job clock data and transition it straight into the payroll process without manually entering it. This includes both regularly scheduled hours and overtime so that employees are paid for the hours they worked no matter what and there are no issues with errors or incorrect pay.

Avoid Fraud and Improve Security

One thing that can lead to payroll and compliance issues is the inability to control who clocks in or out and what data is entered on timesheets. There is no way with manual time tracking to verify who is clocked in or the hours recorded on timesheets are accurate, which means employees can steal time or falsify records.

Online employee time clock software gives each employee a unique ID that other employees can’t access. This eliminates the ability to “buddy punch” or clock in for other employees. There’s also no interaction between employees and the timesheets because it is all done automatically, meaning there is no chance of fraud. If timesheets are altered by management, those changes are logged in the record and can easily be seen so that records are always secure.