Hire employees

Employee Hiring is the closing of the recruitment and selection phase and the formalization of the candidate’s entry as an employee.

It is the final moment when you sign the contract, and the necessary legal adjustments are applied.

Hire a new employee. It is nowhere near enough to have an employment contract signed.

Some other documents are demanded from him, which are industry-specific and dependent on the respective employment contract.

The income tax card is also required, but if it is a mini jobber or a flat-rate taxed employee, this is unnecessary.

One of the most important documents is the social security card, a copy of which must be placed with the other forms.

For a new employee to register with a health insurance company, a membership certificate from the insurance company should be available.

What does an employer have to do when hiring new employees?

  • An employer considers the right qualifications, many years of professional experience, a personable impression at the interview before hiring employees.
  • If the job applicant is convincing, nothing stands in the way of a job.
  • But when new employees take up their position, the employer is first challenged: because the new staff always involve an individual administrative effort.
  • These are the points employers have to take care of when they hire employees:

Where to look for employees

  • Post an ad – It’s a cheap and easy way to find an employee.
  • You have dozens of pages, and unfortunately, there are many unemployed people, so you will have many responses to any offer you make.
  • But this will mean spending a lot of time dismissing applications, calling candidates, and conducting interviews.
    The time that you will not dedicate to your business. Rate if it is worth it.

Where to look for employees


Hiring a Human Resources company

  • It is more expensive but also more comfortable.
  • They will charge you between 5 percent and 10 percent of the person’s annual salary as fees.
  • They simplify things for you, but it also implies that you do not discard them to miss out on some exciting profiles.

Search among your contacts

  • The ideal is to have someone you already know and whose professional skills you appreciate.
  • I want to insist that I mean people you have already seen work, not a network of contacts in hiring a cousin, friend, or neighbor.
  • We look for the ideal person for the job, not to please others.

Employee Nurseries

  • Hire a newly trained talent. If you are looking for a young person eager to work and without prejudice from previous jobs, it is an exciting clue to go directly to the source.
  • Also, nowadays, not only business schools organize employment sessions (meetings between companies and students).
  • Think about it. Above, you will help reduce youth unemployment.

As a trade holder, one of your most important tasks is managing employees

  • You must make sure you need the right type and number of people to keep your company going.
  • Your business is growing, and you think you need to hire more employees, but are not sure if it is a good time.
  • Your employees work too hard – maybe too hard – and let you know or receive complaints that they have too much work.
  • These types of complaints are common. Talk to your employees to find out if their complaints are justified.
  • If so, you can reorganize each other’s responsibilities or consider hiring more staff to streamline the workload.
  • Your employees say they want to take on new tasks or finish the ones they have.
  • But they don’t have the time to do it Maybe an indication that it is time to increase your workforce.
  • You have expanded your services and products, and you need more staff to meet your customers’            needs.
  • You have the opportunity to expand and decide to grow your business, but your existing employees cannot take on new responsibilities.
  • You think that your existing employees’ skills and knowledge are enough to keep your company productive.
  • But to expand your business, you need new people with different or more advanced skills.
  • Your income exceeds your goals, and you forecast future growth.
  • In addition to rewarding your employees, you can take advantage of the profits to expand your business and hire new staff.

Three tips to involve employees in the growth of the company

  • You need to trust the creative ability that all employees have, especially those on the shop floor.
  • We do is give them a voice and a methodology to explain themselves.
  • Rather than submitting those ideas to a suggestion box, Rever helps the company empower the employee and form their team and experiment.
  • The first impact is to humanize them”.
  • Rever’s founder shares three tips for companies to harness the potential of employees.


  • You need to trust the creative ability that all employees have, especially employees on the shop floor.
  • They are in contact with the processes, the products, the customers.


  • They are not having 100% control of decisions. If not, trust that they can do little experiments to empower themselves and learn better.
  • For the most part, they are many small ideas that do not require significant investment and save companies millions of dollars.


  • Employees need to see their ideas implemented and be recognized socially with their colleagues and friends.
  • To obtain these results, the founder of River owes it to his clients’ knowledge, to the talent of his human capital.

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