How to get rid of Crow’s feet and Glabellar lines? – If you’re not too young, you’ve probably noticed some signs of ageing on your face. While most of us don’t really mind getting older and wiser, we still want to look fresh and relaxed. Wrinkles and lines, such as crow’s feet and frown lines, can make us look old, sad, tired or angry, no matter how we feel1,2. This can be frustrating, but it is possible to do something about it without ending up with a ‘frozen look’. Depending on the shape of your face, skin tightness, genetics, and how often you make certain expressions, you may notice wrinkles that look like wavy lines starting to develop. If you do not  like the look of these lines, there are some clinical treatment options, and prevention strategies to minimize their appearance.

What are Crow’s feet and Glabellar lines?

Crow’s feet and glabellar lines – even nicknames aren’t pretty, glabellar lines also called frown lines. As we get older, we begin to notice these wrinkles appearing with every smile, frown or furrow of the brow. Crow’s feet have been known to set up camp around our eyes as frown lines create a home between our brows. While aging is truly a beautiful experience, these particular wrinkles can make us look more tired and pulled than we really feel. Fortunately, there are effective treatments to stop these wrinkles in their tracks before we age beyond our years.

Facial aging Crow’s feet and Glabellar lines in focus

Facial aging is a very complex process that affects several tissues. Typical of facial aging is that we lose some of the volume of our face. This is largely due to the loss of some facial fat as we age, but also due to thinning of the skin and resorption and remodeling of the bones. Volume loss is something many women worry about, and some have filler treatments to restore some of that volume. For men, losing some facial volume – especially facial fat – is usually not very bothersome because it leads to a more angular, masculine face. Some men do filler treatments to restore structure, such as a sharper jaw line or chin, but not as often to restore soft volume.  However, like women, men can be bothered by lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and glabellar lines, as they age. So, for men, these types of aesthetic issues often come to the forefront as they age.

Here we talk about the best treatment that’s help in get riding from gabellar lines and crow’s feet the name of treatment is Sofwave,

What Sofwave is?

Sofwave is a non-invasive tissue tightening and lifting ultrasound device that targets the dermis, which is the layer of skin that is important for tissue tightening. The procedure acts to tighten the skin as an immediate benefit, and it stimulates cellular activity to stimulate collagen production that continues long after the procedure is over. Ultrasound causes small lesions in the dermis, and the body regenerates and heals these lesions, producing new collagen and tightening the tissue. It is literally the same idea as radiofrequency and microneedling, but non-invasively through the skin. Since fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen and elastin, this constant boost of new collagen continues to plump and firm the skin for up to a year. Sofwave is primarily designed for the face and neck, but can be used anywhere on the body, most commonly on the upper arms and above the knees.

How dose Sofwave work?

Sofwave uses a unique synchronous ultrasound parallel beam technology that generates heat 1.5 mm in the centre of the subcutaneous tissue, which is the optimal depth for treating wrinkles. The emitted sound waves are converted into heat, causing the treatment areas to stimulate a healing response. As a result, the collagen in the skin is restored, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create a smoother, tighter complexion. The Sofwave device also has a built-in cooling mechanism that protects the outer layer of the skin during treatment and prevents it from burning.

Sofwave Benefits

  • Tightens face/neck skin
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Tightens sagging skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Natural and long lasting results
  • Zero down time
  • Effective “brow lift” treatment

Is Sofwave right for you?

Ideal Sofwave patients have mild to advanced skin laxity. Those with mild to moderate skin laxity will see the most improvement, but those with more advanced skin laxity will also appreciate the results. Sofwave is an effective treatment for all those who wish to avoid or postpone surgery.

Does Sofwave hurt?

The Sofwave device has an internal cooling device which makes the treatment much more comfortable than with older ultrasound-based devices. In addition, you are offered a local numbing cream before the procedure to help with any pain.

Possible side effects

Sofwave clinical trials have not shown any adverse effects, which has been my experience. If you are prone to hyperpigmentation or are taking medication, the Sofwave treatment may make you more susceptible to hyperpigmentation (as is the case with any other heat-inducing skin treatment). You should inform your provider of any concerns before treatment.

Sofwave Treatment Aftercare

The treatment was definitely quick. It took just under 30 minutes, but my very sensitive and reactive skin needed the rest of the day to cool down. About an hour after the treatment was over; my face was warm – not painfully so, as it is when the sun shines on your face, but some areas of my face had blossomed into a red colour, from pink to purple depending on the spot, especially my under-eye bags. The redness lasted for a few hours, and was noticeable and unpleasant enough for me to cancel my dinner plans. After a day or two, the feeling of tension subsided, and other side-effects, such as warmth, also became more imperceptible. Lucky patients who have non-reactive skin can also feel warmth, but otherwise they are usually ready for work the same day.