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Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Egg Treatment: Which is the Right Choice for You?
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Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Egg Treatment: Which is the Right Choice for You?

Fresh vs Frozen Donor Egg Treatment: Which is the Right Choice for You? – Solving infertility issues isn’t something most people plan to do. However, if getting pregnant doesn’t happen within six months to a year of consistent trying (depending on your age), finding the right treatment options can quickly become a top priority.

While some people might consider options like IVF or IUI treatments, egg donation might be the most beneficial choice for many others. When discussing the differences between fresh vs. frozen donor egg treatment, some people aren’t sure which option is best.

If you’re trying to pick between fresh or frozen donor eggs, weighing all the differences is crucial. From cost to reliability, both fertility solutions deserve consideration.

Do You Want More Options When Choosing an Egg Donor?

While deciding whether you want to use fresh or frozen donor eggs is important, selecting your donor is the most significant choice during your egg donation process.

Unfortunately, if you decide to use fresh donor eggs, you’re often limited to a small pool of local candidates within your area.

A critical component in fresh donor egg cycles is synchronizing both the donor and recipient’s reproductive cycles, so close proximity between the two is vital. Due to this, it’s necessary to find an egg donor who lives near you, which significantly decreases your options.

However, with frozen eggs, you’ll have a full range of donors from across the country – and possibly internationally – to choose from. The eggs will have already been collected and stored until ready for use. Once you’ve selected your egg donor, your donor egg facility will ship your egg lot to your fertility clinic for thawing and fertilization.

So, whether you’re interested in an egg donor with a similar appearance, a particular ethnicity, or a great educational background, you’ll have a better chance of finding them with frozen eggs.

Are You on a Strict Budget?

When people plan their finances and set up savings accounts for the future, they’re usually thinking about larger expenses like higher education, homes, and retirement.

What many people forget to factor in is having children.

While you might assume insurance will cover most of your childbearing fees, this doesn’t typically apply to infertility treatments. Regretfully, only 16 states require insurance companies to help pay for fertility solutions.

What does that mean in the grand scheme of things?

It means most people end up paying for their fertility treatment out-of-pocket.

There’s no denying donor egg cycles cost money. Thankfully, if you choose frozen donor eggs, you’ll have the chance to apply for various financial programs to help lower the costs and make payments more feasible.

With frozen egg donation, you’ll also be paying fewer fees all around.

In a fresh cycle, fresh egg donors earn compensation for travel, time off work, meals, and more that are all paid by the hopeful parent(s). In contrast, frozen egg recipients pay significantly less because cycle synchronization between the donor and recipient is unnecessary.

Are You Interested in Reliable Success Rates?

When someone is trying to choose between frozen and fresh donor eggs, they’re probably hoping to pick the most reliable option of the two.

Thankfully, both types of donor eggs offer impressive success rates you can count on.

While frozen eggs used to have a bad reputation for poor results, an innovative flash-freezing technique known as vitrification has significantly increased the dependability of this treatment.

Frozen eggs are now protected from ice crystal formation and cellular damage throughout the freezing, storage, and thawing processes.

Whether you decide to use fresh or frozen eggs, you’ll be happy to hear both offer a dependable chance for the positive outcome you’re hoping for.

Receive the Quality Results You Want with Frozen Egg Donation

It makes sense for people to want the most trusted fertility solutions they can find. After all, there are few things more heart-wrenching than the yearning to have a child combined with the inability to conceive.

When you’re searching for affordable options, versatility, and reliability, frozen donor eggs are a respectable choice. By choosing a frozen egg donor, you’ll not only have the opportunity to find the ideal egg donor candidate, but you’ll also get the chance to experience pregnancy and birth firsthand.

Don’t let infertility be the final diagnosis in your situation.

If you dream of having a child, this groundbreaking process is sure to provide the opportunities you’re searching for. While getting pregnant might seem challenging now, the answer to your fertility problems could be easier than you think.

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