Discover Organic Cow’s Milk Formula: Clean and Simple Ingredients – Breast milk is the ideal type of food for newborns and babies. Most women do not usually have severe problems with breastfeeding, but many parents also use bottles and formula to feed their babies.

Today, parents around the world have access to a wide range of infant formula for babies who, for various reasons, cannot receive breast milk. But how do you choose a milk formula for a newborn to ensure a balanced intake and assimilation of nutrients, especially those that support brain development, vision, and immunity?

Discover Organic Cow's Milk Formula_ Clean and Simple Ingredients

Common reasons why breast milk is replaced/supplemented with formula milk

  • Lack of milk. Low milk supply in the breasts causes insufficient nutrition in the baby and associated poor weight gain.
  • Child’s health. Prematurity, allergies, reflux – special conditions in which the child is fed with a special therapeutic formula.
  • Psychological barriers to breastfeeding. Sometimes, breastfeeding causes negative associations and a feeling of discomfort. In this situation, choosing not to feed naturally will be the mother’s choice.

In other situations, the doctor determines the need for introducing a first/follow-on formula.

How to choose a milk formula for a baby?

The choice should be made on the advice of a pediatrician who knows the composition of the formula and recommends the product, taking into account the needs of the child’s body and the specific nutritional needs of the baby.

When choosing baby formula, you should take into account the following points:

– the age of the child;

– the basis of the formula – cow’s or goat’s milk;

– quality of the milk base – if it is not regular milk powder but organic milk, the nutritional value of such formulas is higher;

– composition: quantity and quality of protein, type of carbohydrates, presence of components for the formation of a healthy gut flora, etc.;

– Individual needs: If the child is prone to allergies, it is essential to have hydrolyzed protein. If digestion is impaired, easy-to-digest proteins, modified fats, carbohydrates, and components for gut health are needed.


Advantages of organic milk in the production of infant formula

Organic infant formula is a baby food that results from certified organic production, which involves prohibiting synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, other artificial substances, and GMOs, as well as the use of synthetic additives: preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, flavors, and taste enhancers.

When you choose to buy organic milk formula, you can be sure of its ingredients’ natural origin and benefits. However, even the most natural ingredients can sometimes cause allergies in your baby. Therefore, you should introduce the formula gradually, starting with small portions.

Benefits of organic milk in baby nutrition:

  • 50% more omega-3 fatty acids, which:

– reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease;

– improve mental abilities;

  • 60% more immune-stimulating antioxidants
  • 11% more α-linolenic acid, which:

– is beneficial for heart health as it lowers cholesterol levels;

– effectively breaks down excess fat cells

  • 74% more iodine
  • The content of essential and nonessential amino acids is 10.8% and 11.2% higher, respectively.
  • Mild pasteurization during processing allows the preservation of more vitamins and other beneficial trace elements.

Best places to find organic baby food

The variety of baby food brands is impressive. Different companies worldwide offer organic products adapted to the age of the child. The range includes a variety of healthy and tasty products for babies and toddlers:

  • cereals
  • organic drinks
  • milk formulas;
  • fruit and vegetable purees;
  • organic snacks and other types of complementary foods.

It’s easy to find these products – they are available in most chain pharmacies, baby food stores, and supermarkets. In addition, if you prefer  European Baby Formulas, you can order the desired organic formula with timely home delivery.

If you are still deciding which product to choose for your baby, the best option is to consult your pediatrician. The doctor will help you decide on the first organic products and recommend them directly.