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Unlock Demat Account Opening Process for First-Time Investors

Unlock Demat Account Opening Process for First-Time Investors

Demat Account: The term “demat” is an acronym for “dematerialisation,” which is the process of converting securities into digital form. Investors had to deal with the hassle of physical copies of share certificates that needed to be validated at each stage of the transaction process. However, this changed when the Demat account was launched in 1996. As managing physical certificates of securities was tiresome, trading was quite slow and unpleasant. The demat account greatly reduced these issues. Let’s look at the steps involved in opening demat accounts in India.

Steps to Open a Demat Account

Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to open demat account.

Step 1: Choose your depository participant (DP)

Select a suitable Depository Participant (DP) to open a Demat account that best suits your needs. The two primary categories of stockbrokers are:

  • Full-service brokers: They provide investors with personalised advice and suggestions along with demat accounts. A full-service broker is best for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time researching. However, they charge a hefty service fee.
  • Discount brokers: They only provide demat accounts. Discount brokers offer most of their services online, including account opening. However, they usually don’t provide investment advice.

You should select a broker based on your trading and investment needs.

Step 2: Fill out the demat account opening form

After choosing your DP, visit their website and properly fill out the Demat account opening form. You can also open a demat account offline. For this, you can visit the branch office and get the account opening form. The majority of brokers provide the account opening service at no cost.

Step 3: Examine and Verify

Carefully verify and make sure the data on the application form is accurate. Check everything one more time before submitting the form to the broker.

Step 4: Send in your KYC paperwork

You must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines. Scan and upload the relevant documents for proof of identification, residence, bank account, and income. You can submit the following documents.

  • Identity Proof: Voter ID, PAN card, driving licence, Aadhaar card, etc.
  • Proof of address: Voter ID, passport, utility bills, Aadhaar card, driver’s licence, etc.

Further, in order to link your bank account to the Demat account, you must provide a cancelled cheque. Include two passport-sized photos as well.

Step 5: Complete the verification process

After submitting your application, you have to go through the verification process. It could be an “In-Person Verification” (IPV) or an online KYC. Nowadays, the majority of DPs use video calls to provide IPV services online. Your DP will review your application and, after due verification, provide you with the Beneficial Owner ID Number (BO ID).

Step 6: Obtain the login credentials in step six.

Finally, you will receive the login credentials (username and password). You can use them to access your demat account online. Some firms, like Kotak Securities, offer mobile apps. You can use the login ID and password on their app to manage your account right from your phone. 

Things to Consider Before Opening a Demat Account

Here are some factors you must consider before opening your Demat account.

  1. Brokerage Fees: Some brokers offer a free demat account opening. However, you may still have to pay annual maintenance charges (AMC) and a brokerage charge for each trade. Thus, check these fees before opening a demat account.
  2. Online Services: Another key factor is the kind of user-oriented services the platform provides. The platform should provide comprehensive services like market insights and real-time stock updates to assist you in making informed decisions.
  3. Customer Support: Choose a broker that offers high-quality support services. Check how efficiently they handle customer complaints. In addition, their customer care representatives need to be skilled enough to address queries regarding technical problems or portfolios.
  4. Security: While the virtual world provides several advantages, it also comes with a security risk. So, the platform must be equipped with advanced security software and firewalls that can properly protect your financial information. Any data transferred between servers must be encrypted with the highest security levels.


It is relatively easy to learn how share market works and start trading in this digital age. You can open a demat account and participate in the financial markets quite conveniently. Demat accounts have eliminated the concerns of fraudulent delivery. You can hold and access various securities from anywhere, making asset management easy. As the steps involved in opening demat accounts are pretty simple, you can begin whenever you are ready.

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