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Facebook, Introduction, Types, and More.

Facebook, Introduction, Types, and More.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform ever made. It launch by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It has more than two billion users across the world. Apart from being Facebook is the most popular social media platform ever made.


Facebook is a social networking platform that allows everyone to share photos, comments, and videos by” Mark Zuckerberg.”

Facebook Uses 

It works as a RSS reader for news channels.

It offers users free videos and messages.

This is an easy way to organize the events.

It allows you to log into other websites.

It use to build a professional profile.

It’s better than Google.

This is the easiest way to get the information.

Importance of Facebook

Facebook ads make people share photos and videos and listen to music. It also connects people with family, friends, and colleagues at work.


Given below are some of the advantages

Useful for Marketing: It provides the best platform for firms to do marketing. Many firms or industries achieve their target in a specific time and date. They are highly customized and allows business to promote efficiently.

Stay connected: Facebook has made it easier for people to stay connected from different places. We can form groups to share ideas for related topics.

Helps to build a brand: It has built a platform for the firms to market their products on it. It also helps companies to get a ranking in the business field.

Direct connection with the audience: This app directly connects businesses with customers to purchase their goods and services and sets a target for the product to sell.


few disadvantages mention.

Disrupt sleep: People work through it continuously by connecting to the internet. This may lead to health problems due to lack of good sleep.

Risk of Identity: There is a possibility of identity theft of the person’s email ID, personal information, etc., and one can upload any photos or videos.

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