Russian Penal colonies in Russia are infamous for their harsh living conditions and unkindness. Prisoners are placed in lodgings rather than separate lockups, where they are forced to perform daily hard work.

Colonies also have more complex safety measures and more borders on measures.

Prisoners in penal gatherings are divide into four groups base on the strictness of the crime commit. Griner was punish by a low-security congregation.

What are the circumstances in the Russian Penal Colony?

Russia has approximately 700 penal colonies and nearly half a million making it the most common custody institution.

According to the rights group Amnesty International, circumstances in colonies and jails. The European Law Court of Human Rights watched 64 cases against Russia for its humiliating or inhumane actions on prisoners in 2016 un accompany.

The amenities are locate in remote positions, far from cities, making it problematic for families or human rights laborers to visit. This isolation method is suppose to be part of the chastisement of pseudo-exile.

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Women are more likely to be guide thousands of kilometers away as there are only 46 disciplinary gatherings for ladies.

Where Griner is shown?

Griner’s solicitors said on November 17 that she had been enthuse to Lady Penal Colony IK-2 in the rural Yavas, almost 500km (300 miles) southeast of Moscow in Russia’s Mordovia area.

The WNBA star was displace from an imprisonment center close to the Russian capital on November 4. In contrast, her lawyers said at that period that she had been motivate to a penal colony, her exact whereabouts had been unidentify to the community.

“Brittney is doing as well as could be predict and trying to stay robust as she becomes accustom to a new atmosphere,” her solicitors, Maria Blagovolina and Alexander Boikov, declared.

Jailed obstruction leader Alexey Navalny’s health has radically worsen during his time in a penal gathering.

“I consider the worsening of my health to be the direct importance of the actions and indecision of employees of the Federal Prison Service deliberately aimed at rejecting me proper medical care and discouragement my health,” he pen.

He tint “sleep deprivation suffering” as he was awaken by a protector every hour during the night. He said he did not receive medical treatment for acute back and leg aches.

How long have Russian penal colonies occurred?

Penal colonies have create from the Soviet Union’s work base camps known as gulags but even date back to at least the 18th era.

Convicts are sent to distant regions of Russia to suffer harsh breathing, working, and weather conditions, along with separation from civilization.

An appraise 18 million people were condemn to gulags between 1929 and 1953, until the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. About 1.6 million died in work camps.

What are similar situations in Russian Penal Colony?

Convicts are often taken to vast reserves nationwide, and journeys to gatherings is dangerous. They can last as long as one month, according to a statement by Amnesty International.

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The regulator said those trips often take place in over crowd train bearings. Prisoners often arrive in services containing poor and aging set-ups and suffer from congestion, the OSW originates.

“Despite several efforts to reform the prison classification in Russia, they still look like the Soviet Gulag: human rights desecrations and suffering are common,” the OSW held.

One former prisoner, Konstantin Kotov, help what he said were two unhappy judgments – the first for four months, the next for six months – in Penal Colony No. 2 external Moscow for breaking Russian anti-protest rules.

He was last free in Dec. 2020, and last year, he told CNN about the skills for convicts.

You feel the mental and moral burden from the first proceedings you are here,” he said CNN.

“ They are force to do things you would never do in life. You are prohibit from talking with other criminals. They encourage you to learn the names of the staff members. You are on your feet all daytime, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. You are not permit to sit down. They do not allow you to recite or permit you to write a letter. It can last two weeks, it can last three workweeks.”

“You get up at 6 a.m., go out to the yard nearby, and listen to the national song of praise of Russia – every day, the song of praise of the Russian Federation,” he said.

What have other prestigious inmates said about Russian Penal Colony?

Griner is not the first famous figure went to a penal gathering. Jailed Russian opposite leader Alexey Navalny was able to offer his early impressions after gaining an ability last year in a post on his official Instagram reason.

“I did not know that it was possible to arrange a real attentiveness camp 100km from Moscow,” Navalny whispered, adding his head had been shave.

“Video cameras are all over the place; everybody is watch, and at the smallest violation, they make a report. I think someone up the stairs read Orwell’s ’1984,’” Navalny continuously, about the standard dystopian innovation.

Members of the advanced art group Pussy Riot have also been sentence to penal colonies. “This is not a structure with cells. This looks like a weird village like a Gulag labor camp,” member Maria Alyokhina told Reuters last week.

“It is a labor camp because all the convicts should work by law. The quite distrustful thing about this work is that prisoners usually sew police costumes and uniforms for the Russian military, almost without remuneration.”

The colony was separate between a workshop area where the convicts made garments and gloves and a “living sector” where Alyokhina said 80 females live in one room with just three latrines and no hot water.


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