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If you’re anything like most people, you’re probably a fan of new advancements that help you use your phone better and more often. Whether it be wireless charging or a handy new app, your tech gets better and better every day, and you don’t want to miss out on the latest and greatest. One of the most remarkable new technologies to pop onto the scene is MagSafe, a valuable new technology by Apple that could change how you use your phone.

You may have noticed an array of this accessories appearing on the shelves. But are they worth the hype? Depending on how you use your phone, the answer is probably yes. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about it. so you can unlock more features and use your phone to its fullest.

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What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is an exclusive standard of wireless power transfer and addition attachment developed by Apple. Simply put, it’s a feature that simplifies wireless charging and billets a ton of excellent new equipment that makes your phone even more practical. This is all possible through a complex design featuring magnets, shields, coils, and sensors. Hence the name MagSafe.

This concept probably isn’t entirely new if you’ve ever owned an Apple laptop. That’s because Apple originally introduced it with the debut of the 2006 MacBook Pro. When you go to charge your MacBook, the charger attaches quickly and seamlessly to the port on the side of the laptop via a magnetic connector. This design is safer than a standard connector because it easily disconnects if pulled.

However, it integrates into the iPhone is different and more advanced than our laptop chargers. Apple publicized the new form of MagSafe in October 2020, alongside the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro release. Beginning with that generation, all Apple phones are made with the built-in this magnet system, which serves as both a safe and fast way to charge your phone wirelessly, and a handy mounting system for accessories, like our magnetic card holders.

Here’s a quick interruption of the main benefits of MagSafe for iPhone users.

 Faster, Safer Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a convenient way to power up your device without fussing with messy cables. You may have already experienced wireless charging capabilities through a Qi charger, which is compatible with iPhone 8 and newer. Although this equip phones are still compatible with the Qi standard, the technology improves wireless charging in several ways.

Perfect Alignment

The magnetic design safeguards that your phone is perfectly aligned with the coils inside, which speeds up the power transfer and makes it more efficient—no need to fuss with positioning.

Faster Charging

While Qi is currently limited to powering iPhones at a rate of 7.5 watts, it can charge your phone twice as fast at 15 watts. Who doesn’t want faster power-ups?

Safer Charging

Previously, there was no safe way to charge phones so quickly without overwhelming the battery or electronic components inside the phone. This design makes it possible to capture fast without risking damaging the device.

More Convenience

Convenience is another huge pro of MagSafe over previous wireless charging technologies. With typical wireless charging, you can’t use your phone while on the charging dock. Since these chargers are securely attach to your phone, you can still use it while charging wirelessly.


In addition to a whole new world of wireless charging, MagSafe also introduced Apple users to a cutting-edge mounting system for accessories. Because it equips your phone with magnets .it lets you quickly snap on accessories such as card holders, wallets, phone grips, mirrors, ear pods, and so much more. It also provides a new way to mount your phone in the car or on your bike. This mounts securely attach to your phone, so you don’t have to fuss with frustrating clips or sticky pads.

If you’ve already leaped the iPhone 12, you want to ensure you use your tech entirely. With the integration of MagSafe, you’ll be able to wirelessly charge your phone faster than ever before while decking it out with unique accessories that make your life much easier. Invest in compatible iPhone 12 case to get all these fantastic features without sacrificing style or protection.


All wireless charging works with the help of a technology known as inductive charging. It uses electromagnetic induction — the production of electricity via magnetic fields — to transfer energy from a coil inside the phone to the phone’s battery. In the case  you have to do is connect the posterior of your phone to the charger, and the electromagnets will get to effort powering up your phone.

MagSafe implements a wound wire coil design that’s brand-new and cutting-edge in the industry. This coil is modified to work with magnets but still accommodates Qi wireless charging. But the coil isn’t the only thing that makes it so unique. The back of each MagSafe phone contains seven layers of components that are hard at work.

The internal charger contains multiple layers of shields, magnets, and sensors that help facilitate charging and send your phone important information about accessories.


The copper-graphite and nanocrystalline shields capture magnetic flux and allow the phone to charge safely and faster without damaging the batteries or the electronics inside.


The sensors within thise component sense magnetic field strength and respond instantly, ensuring more responsive and efficient charging.


The magnets are what make the MagSafe so memorable. They allow you to precisely align your device efficiently and connect cool extras securely without needing clips, clamps, or adhesives.


Now for the question you’ve probably been wondering: Do you need a new phone case to use MagSafe? It depends on the case’s material, thickness, and other features. Apple says a case must be about 2 millimeters thick to work with it. Since some materials and styles may not work with this, investing in a MagSafe-compatible case from Case-Mate is best.

You’ll find a Mag Safe case that suits your style in Case-Mate’s huge selection. Each MagSafe phone case is designed per Apple’s accessories guidelines to ensure they work correctly and don’t harm your phone. They’re also stylish and protective.


If you love charging your phone wirelessly, you’ve probably already invested in a few Qi wireless chargers in the past several years. Apple announced compatibility with Qi chargers beginning with the iPhone 8, so wireless charging is not a new concept for longtime Apple users. But does the integration of it mean you have to throw out all your Qi wireless charging stations and docks? Luckily, the answer is no.

iPhone 12s and newer are still compatible with Qi charging technology. But there’s a caveat. With a typical Qi charger, you won’t be able to achieve 15-watt speeds, even if you use your MagSafe-enabled phone. The only way to get the fastest speeds is to use your  phone with a charger. This is the only way to use the secure and efficient magnetic connection design. Your best bet is to make the switch to all  chargers.


MagSafe charging offers a suitable and efficient way to power up your equipment. While it may not always be the complete fastest charging technique compared to wired or high-voltage options, it raids a balance between speed and suitability. Its charging provides hassle-free wireless charging knowledge, making it a viable choice for users seeking speed and comfort. So, for the query “Does MagSafe charge faster?” the answer lies in its well-organized and modest charging speeds, attached with the added benefit of wireless suitability.

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