We all justify a little R&R infrequently, and there are many ways to make relaxing in your abode a wind. Shower steamers, essential oils, bath salts, and candles are great ways to elevate your me-time. Another luxurious item for your bathroom? Bath sheets. They’re a great addition to a wedding registry, a thoughtful housewarming gift, or an excellent (and well-deserved) home upgrade. But what exactly are bath sheets? And what sets them apart from regular towels? We’re here to answer that question and share our top bath sheet recommendations you can shop (or add to your wedding wish list) immediately.

What Is a Bath Sheet?

A bath sheet is simply a more significant type of bath towel. Most standard bath towels will fall in the 25-to-30-inch-wide by 55-to-58-inch-long range, which means they’re great for a head wrap, a lower-body wrap, or even a top-half wrap.

For some, bath sheets are considered a luxury, but for others, they’re essential. We fully support the latter—because who said luxuries aren’t essential anyway? But honestly, once you’ve experienced the magic of a bath sheet, you’ll never look at regular towels the same way again. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but you can bet it means a lot when it comes to bath towels. We’re breaking down the difference between bath sheets and bath towels and the most popular types on the market.

Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel: What’s the Change?

You probably already know bath sheets are more significant than standard bath towels, but what is the difference? The dimensions might amaze you. A regular bath towel typically measures around 27–by–52 inches (give or take a few). On the flip side, the size of a standard bath sheet ranges from 35–by–59 inches to 40–by–70 inches. Impressive, right? And because there’s a larger surface area, bath sheets are more effective at doing their job than regular towels. There’s more fabric to absorb moisture, so you don’t end up with a sopping-wet towel after you dry off.

Popular Types of Bath Sheets

Like any other towel, bath sheets can be made from different materials. You’ll most commonly see bath sheets made from trusty, absorbent cotton. That said, different types of cotton and alternative options are gaining popularity. The best material for you depends on what your bath sheet is used for. Some materials are especially good at absorbing and doing practical work, while others deliver that pampering plush feeling against the skin. Here’s a helpful guide to the most popular types of bath sheets:

Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets: Probably the most popular, Turkish cotton bath sheets strike the perfect balance of softness and quick-drying absorbency.

Bamboo Bath Sheets: Bath sheets made from bamboo fibers are a more eco-friendly option that rivals cotton in softness and absorbency.

Waffle Bath Sheets:

This type of weave can be made with various materials. The unique structure makes waffle bath sheets lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheets: Egyptian cotton is Turkish cotton’s even more plush older sister and possibly the most luxurious type of bath sheet around.

Linen Bath Sheets: Linen bath sheets are lightweight and long-lasting, giving you a high-performance towel that stands the test of time.

The Best Bath Sheets and Bath Sheet Sets

Ready to completely transform your daily hygiene ritual? Whether you’re crafting your wedding registry or simply in the market for some new home goods, these are the best bath sheets. We’ve included single bath sheets, and complete bath towel sets to suit your needs and budget.

Boll & Branch Plush Bath Sheet Set

This fluffy white bath sheet set consists of two generously sized bath sheets (36–by–70 inches), hand towels, and washcloths. Your bathroom will be well-stocked and more welcoming than ever. These organic cotton towels come in five other on-trend hues: dune, pewter, stone, shore, and mineral.

Brooklinen Super-Plush 4-Piece Bath Sheet Set

Brooklinen’s outrageously soft creations aren’t just for the bedroom. Here’s another soft bath sheet set: two bath sheets and two hand towels. Soft Turkish cotton is cleverly constructed to produce a durable (and luxurious-feeling) towel you’ll never want to take off. Choose from three classic shades of white, black, or gray.

Riley Spa Towel Collection Bath Sheet

This bath sheet’s dimensions are a whopping 70–by–40 inches, so you’ll swaddle yourself in plush Egyptian cotton like a baby. If you’ve ever had trouble getting out of the shower (or bath—whatever you’re into), having this spa-worthy bath sheet on hand will help. Choose from six standard colorways and limited-edition hues to give your bathroom a modern touch.

SNOWE Classic Bath Sheet

SNOWE makes some of the plushest, coziest robes out there, so you can bet the brand also makes some of the best bath sheets. The site’s classic bath sheet is made from soft, long-staple cotton and measures 70–by–40 inches. Choose the timeless white bath sheet to get that “wrapped in a cloud” feeling, or elevate your home with charcoal gray, ash gray, ivory, or slate blue towels. Pro tip: Don’t use fabric softener when caring for your bath sheets—it can affect your towel’s absorbency!

Waffle bath sheets are a great choice if you don’t particularly like the feel of regular cotton or you airdry your towels. These waffle bath sheets from Ettitude are made from eco-friendly bamboo. It’s affordable for a set of two and will get you off to a good start stocking your bathroom. Each towel measures 59–by–39 inches, so they’re nice medium-size bath sheets. These waffle bath sheets look so good we recommend displaying them on a ladder rack.

Land’s End Organic Cotton Bath Sheet

Land’s End is a great place to go if you’re looking for monogrammed bath sheets. The site can monogram a whole set of towels for you, though you’ll have to build your own set if you want to include bath sheets. You can add a monogram, embroidered image, or both on your organic cotton bath sheets before you complete your order. Honestly, your bathroom really will start to feel like a spa.

Cariloha Bamboo Bath Sheet

These might be the best bath sheets for eco-conscious couples. Cariloha’s oversized bath sheets are sustainably made from bamboo and Turkish cotton, resulting in a carbon-neutral product. There are seven stylish colorways, and these luxurious towels measure an excellent 70–by–40 inches. Wrapping one of these bath sheets around you will feel like a warm, cozy hug.

Rough Linen Orkney Linen Bath Sheet

Linen bath sheets are an ideal alternative if you prefer smooth, crisp fabric against your skin instead of textured cotton. Linen is lightweight and quick-drying, so airdrying shouldn’t leave you with a musty-smelling towel. It’s also highly absorbent but can feel slippery on the skin, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Coyuchi Air Weight Bath Sheet

Coyuchi’s plush Air Weight bath sheet is made from 100% organic cotton and measures a respectable 65–by–35 inches. Cleverly constructed with a dense twill weave, this towel will have you dried off quickly. It’s functional, durable, and a great addition to your daily routine.

Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet

Parachute is another one of our favorite brands for stocking your home with soft and luxurious linens. The brand’s Turkish cotton bath sheets measure up to the most enormous towels on our list: 70 by 40 inches. Choose white and black bath sheets, or add a subtle pop of color with the mineral or blush hues.

H&M 2-Pack Cotton Bath Sheets

Are you shopping on a budget? There are budget-friendly bath sheets out there, too. Exhibit A: This set of two soft cotton terry bath sheets from H&M. Each towel measures 59–by–39 inches, and the set comes in taupe or gray-up matching guest towels and hand towels.

Weezie Piped Edge Starter Pack

Weezie is another excellent place to order monogrammed bath sheets, instantly elevating your home (and wow anyone visiting your bathroom). Their piped-edge towels are undeniably elegant, as is the matching embroidered monogram. The six-piece set is an excellent starter pack, including four bath sheets and two hand towels.

LUXOME Spa Collection Towel Set

These bamboo viscose towels are incredibly soft and luxurious, so stop scrolling now if you want to make your bathroom feel like a spa. Buy a set of two luxury bath sheets in eight colors to kickstart your at-home spa experience. Each bath sheet measures 70–by–36 inches, which should be enough surface area to swaddle yourself in.

Havly Classic Bath Towel

I’m not sure if bath sheets are suitable for you. Havly offers the best of both worlds. Their classic bath towel is a cross between a systematic bath towel and a bath sheet, measuring 58 by 30 inches. Each soft-to-the-touch bath towel is made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton. Plus, there’s an attached loop for convenient hanging in your bathroom.

How to Add Bath Sheets to Your Wedding Registry

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