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What is a Siren on Wednesday? Explained

What is a Siren on Wednesday? Explained

The Netflix show “What is a Siren on Wednesday?” presents Sirens alongside the queer Addams family. It also shows the viewers other outcasts – almost like sub-species of humans. They have different abilities and qualities. S sirens are in focus among the various outcast students in the Nevermore Academy.

Sirens in Wednesday are the outcasts with a superior quality of living on land and in the sea. They have mermaid-like features when in water. Also, the most influential among the outcasts they are widely distrusted, and other species keep a detachment from them.

The idea has its roots in Greek customs. According to legend, the attractive sounds of mermaid-like creatures known as sirens were answerable for luring ancient mariners to crash into rocks. They had both lovely vocals and beautiful faces. They are savage creatures that eventually consume the sailors approaching them by swimming.

A siren in Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy

Wednesday Season 1 introduces the sirens (Image via Netflix)

The Nevermore Arts school has many sirens. Wednesday got the first indication of them when her colleague Enid showed her around the site. Enid Sinclair pointed out a group of scholars during the trip and advised that they might be sirens.

The academy has schoolchildren in groups, also called gangs, based on their type of skills. Sirens in the academy belong to a group called Scales. They have an affection for water, and their figures change when they are in the sea.

Abilities of sirens of Never again

The most outstanding ability of the sirens in the earliest times was their persuasion. They would sing charming songs to attract the sailors and fascinate them to do things against their wishes.

Persuasiveness is a prime quality of sirens (Image credit Netflix)

The sirens on Wednesday can sing extraordinarily well. This expected gift of music makes them the right choice for singing groups and bands. Most of them join the melody club as part of their additional activities.

Because they can affect people’s intelligence, regular students and other people avoid getting too near to them. They have a status for using people to their advantage and entering areas where they are not wanted.

Most of them are known for their blue eyes that look like water. In Never Again, Bianca, Divina, and Kent are famous mermaids. Queen Bee, Bianca, played by artist Joy Sunday, is rumored to have become her fee by putting a charm on Major Weems. Bianca’s mother is also a mermaid, but her powers have weakened with age.

How does water affect sirens?

Webbed hands and tails are bodily changes of sirens (Image via Netflix)

Sirens are very relaxed underwater. Their bodies transform as they develop lacy hands to swim well. They can easily breathe subaquatic. They even settled a mermaid tail. All this makes their movements in the sea much earlier.

The sirens in Wednesday used these personalities during the Poe Cup and other sea sports. They availed of this unfair benefit when they got the chance. But they are seen mostly on land in the other chapters. They wear ornaments to reduce the power of their ideas.

What are the other castaway factions on Wed?

There are numerous other outcast types in Nevermore. Wednesday gets to meet ghosts, monsters, and night mortals. The various sets and cliques are Furs, Fangs, and Stoners, besides Scales. Rulers are the clique for mermaids, Fangs are the predators, Furs are the werewolves, and Lapidators are the gorgons. There are also smaller circles, such as Spiritualists.

Sirens in the storyline of Wednesday

Queen bee Bianca and her siren mother (Image via Netflix)

Bianca, the Never Again queen bee, tried influencing her heartthrob, Xavier, using her authority. At least Xavier, played by artist Percy Hynes White, thought so. He suspects she is trying to fascinate and encourage him to like her. This was the reason for their division. On the other hand, Bianca wore an ornament around her neck so that she would not cogently influence individuals.

The Sirens were introduced on Wednesday, period 1, but have not been trailed up much. Bianca’s return to her home and her mother’s trendy society are two chiefs that may be taken up in supplementary seasons.

Bianca complains that her top is slipping and her song is falling. Moreover, Bianca’s aggressive mother hints that the siren’s powers decrease with each stage of development. Back at home, Bianca will likely be forced by her mother to stimulate people to obey her commands. Additional seasons will reveal more about the sirens of Never more’s troubling Wednesday.

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