You may have heard of AMBER Alerts, but there are several others that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement may send out to signify that a person is missing or endanger.

The FDLE uses an emergency alert system, sending alerts through text messages, radio/TV broadcasts, and highway signs to notify people of active emergencies.

Among these alerts are Purple, Blue, Silver, and Missing Child Alerts, each with a specific criterion to be met before the alert is sent out.

Here’s a breakdown of the alerts you may receive in Florida.

What is a Purple Alert?

Florida’s Purple Alert Plan was add to FDLE’s emergency alert system in 2022.

A Florida Purple Alert is use to promote the location of missing adults who are suffering from mental or cognitive incapacity .There is not Alzheimer’s sickness or a dementia-relate condition. An intellectual disability or a progressive disability, a brain injury, other physical, mental, or emotional incapacities. These are not interrelate to substance exploitation. The combination of any of these and whose threat poses a credible threat of immediate danger or serious bodily harm.

The alert reports to the public using e-mail or text alerts all over the state, focusing on the area where the person was last seen.

How many active Purple Alerts are there in Florida?

There are seven active Purple Alerts as of June 7. Two were issued the same day, June 2, from two locations.

Another is from March, and the remaining are all from 2022.

How long does someone remain on the Purple Alert list?

A local law administration agency regulates the status of the alert, but generally, an alert stays active. As the missing person is recover, according to FDLE. If a Purple Alert is activate and the person is missing in an identify automobile, Branch of Transportation Road symbols will remain active for up to six hours.

Criteria for a Purple Alert to be issued

Law enforcement agencies can request the beginning of a Purple Alert. If you want to report a missing person, contact your local police branch or sheriff’s office first, then communicate with MEPIC at 1-888-FL MISSING (356-4774).

The person is 18 years of age or older and does not be eligible for a Silver Alert.

Has an investigation strong mind the lost person

Has any combination of an intelligent or developmental incapacity, brain injury.  Another physical, mental, or emotional incapacity that is not correlate to element abuse

It does not have Alzheimer’s virus or a dementia-related condition.

Therefore, a law enforcement agency’s investigation conclude that the loss poses a trustworthy risk of instant danger. Any serious bodily damage to the missing person and can only be given back to safety through law enforcement interference.

Is there a detail report of the missing person suitable for spreading?

Has your agency arrive at the missing person in the Florida Crime Information Center?

Does the agency recommend beginning?

What are the different color alerts in Florida?

Amber alert

The purpose of the Amber Alert is to record critical information about a kidnapped child as quickly as possible to the media and the general public.

Missing Child Alerts

This program helps provide law implementation with a tool to quickly distribute information when a child is lost and believe to be in a dangerous condition. Still, there is no indication that the child has been kidnapped.

Purple Alerts

The Florida Purple Alert is use to support the location of lost adults suffering from a mental or reasoning disability.

Silver Alerts

Florida Silver Alert is use to locate missing persons suffering from an irreversible deterioration of intellectual faculties.

Blue Alerts

A Florida Blue Alert is intended to notify the public of serious information when a law enforcement officer is killed. He suffer severe body injury, or is missing while in the mark of duty and the suspect. who is well-thought-out to pose an imminent threat to the public, is still at large.

What’s the difference between a Silver Alert and a Purple Alert in Florida?

The Florida Silver Alert is used to trace lost persons 60 or older suffering from an irreversible deterioration. The intellectual faculties, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The plan outlines two levels of Silver Alert activation, local and state.


When a person with dementia goes missing: A rising problem in Florida

The Florida Purple Alert is use to locate missing people. who have an intellectual or developmental incapacity that is not Alzheimer’s disease or a dementia-relate condition.

How can I support you through a Purple Alert?

The public can play an essential character in the saving of missing persons with mental or reasoning damage. People should note the person’s portrayal and any extra information provided when there is a Purple Alert.

If the public meetings accept it as accurate, they realize the automobile or the missing somebody. They should directly call 911 or FHP (347) to reply. They should be clever in providing the person’s location. It related, the vehicle tag, direction of travel, and location remark (road/street, town, and region).

Why was the Purple Alert look for?

In a July Palm Beach Post description, Berman said through e-mail .The idea was prompt by the 2018 passing of Joshua Marshall, a 30-year-old Harbor St. Lucie man. Berman said Marshall was non spoken, autistic, and stroll from his home. He was state missing and scare.

While he was realize at a Port St. Lucie 7-Eleven, no one recognize he was missing or need support. He remained found dead in a pond in Port St. Lucie soon later. Police said Marshall was paying attention to water.

Berman said a colleague of Marshall’s family derived to her team. On the family’s behalf with the clue for the lawmaking.

“Had an awareness like this happen at the time. He may have been starting more fast and returned home safely,” Berman said in an e-mail.

Conferring to a bill analysis, wandering poses a significant danger to the safety of someone with a mental incapacity. The death rate of somebody who lost more than 72 hours with a mental incapacity is as high as 88%.