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Blackhead – Causes, Effects, Symptoms, Types of blackhead treatments

Blackhead – Causes, Effects, Symptoms, Types of blackhead treatments


Blackhead is a hair follicle or pore clogged with a mixture of dead cells and sebum.

It is an oily substance that is naturally secreted by the skin, medically-known as a free bandage,

“Blackheads are non-inflammatory acne lesions. While follicles clog with dead skin cells or oil, it creates a blackhead,” says Palmer.

Blackheads can occur when the sebum produced by the pores is exposed to oxygen.

During the oxidation process, the sebum darkens and creates a dark spot on the skin, hence the name “pimple.”

“Blackheads occur when the hair follicles clog with dirt or oil.” Blackheads occur when the hair follicles clog with dirt or oil.

Although pimples are often most noticeable on the nose, they can appear all over the body. Now that you know blackheads are, how can you get rid of them?

Causes of blackheads

  • Blackheads occur when the skin’s sebum-secreting pores become clogged.
  • Palmer explains, “Skin follicles usually contain a hair and an oil-producing sebum gland.” It may sound counterintuitive (gross?).
  • The oil secreted helps keep your skin soft and hydrated, so it’s a great oil! But where does everything go wrong?
  • From dirty phones to an intense spin course, your lifestyle and genetics can easily affect your skin.
  • If your skin is misbehaving, check this list to see if any of these factors are causing your skin problems:

Effects of blackheads

  • Blackheads can affect anyone, regardless of skin type, age, or gender.
  • Even if they are widespread, especially among adolescents, there are enough adults who grapple with the blemishes.
  • According to a study, 64 percent of 20 to 29-year-olds and 43 percent of 30 to 39-year-olds are affected by blackhead acne.

Symptoms of Blackheads

  1. Whitish small protrusions
  2. Skin protrusions with a dark plug of sebum
  3. Papules, pustules, nodules, abscesses
  4. Scars, cysts, fistulas

Can blackheads get infected?

  • Blackheads are often the precursors to pimples, which, in the worst case, develop into acne.
  • Certain skin bacteria multiply in the skin impurities and produce potent inflammatory substances that irritate the surrounding tissue.
  • Then the wall of the hair follicle breaks, and the contents of the blackhead run out. Inflamed pustules then develop from the blackheads.
  • Improper removal of blackheads (e.g., squeezing), the risk of inflammation is exceptionally high. The course of acne can vary.
  • The mildest form is the so-called come done acne, a more pronounced form is acne papulopustular, the rarest and most severe form is acne conglobata.
  • Here abscesses develop from the pimples, which penetrate deep tissue layers. Acne always requires medical treatment.

Types of Blackhead treatments

  • Over-the-counter detergents and treatments
  • These types of treatments are accessible without a prescription.
  • Over-the-counter medicines come in numerous forms, such as creams, gels, pads, and serums.
  • The best medications for killing acne-causing bacteria often contain ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol.

1. Expert blackheads Removal

  • Dermatologists and aestheticians can be performed pore extractions to remove blackheads.
  • They can provide helpful tips and treatments to prevent future pore-clogging.

2. Laser and light therapy

  • This treatment consists of tiny rays of brightness that decrease oil production and kill bacteria.
  • Laser light treatments reach below the skin’s surface to treat blackheads and acne without damaging the skin’s top layers.
  • This treatment works most OK for inflammatory acne conditions.
  • It is usually unnecessary for blackhead treatments, so check with your dermatologist if this would be the right choice for you.

3. Chemical Peels

  • In this treatment, a chemical solution is useful to the skin. Over time, the upper layers of your skin will peel off to reveal smoother, more rejuvenated skin.
  • While this can use a blackhead treatment, it is generally more effective in improving skin texture.

4. Microdermabrasion

  • It is a low-abrasive treatment performed by dermatologists or skin professionals using micro particles or a diamond-tipped wand.
  • In this treatment, the doctors polish the top layer of dry, dead skin cells, exposing more skin.
  • Charcoal Pore Minimiser contains alumina, a known micro-crystal scrub that provides immediate benefits to smooth skin, refine texture, and unclog pores after application/use.

5. Pore bands

  • Pore Strips instantly remove dirt and oil from pores better than remove blackheads by squeezing with your fingers.
  • When used weekly, pore bands can lead to fewer clogged pores and improve pores’ appearance with continued use.
  • The over-production of skin cells by the body can cause blackheads.

Pore bands

6. Other treatments Include

  1. Blocking or coating of pores by cosmetics and clothing
  2. Profuse sweating
  3. Shaving and other activities that open hair follicles
  4. High humidity and fat in the immediate environment
  5. Specific health problems, such as stress, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  6. Drugs that promote a rapid renewal of skin cells
  7. Use of certain steroids, such as corticosteroids
  8. Contrary to popular belief, poor hygiene does not directly cause blackheads.
  9. Rubbing them excessively in an attempt to remove them can make them worse.

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