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Best Batteries for Ford Fusions, 2010-2013 Models

Best Batteries for Ford Fusions, 2010-2013 Models

Your Ford Fusions does more than go from Point A to Point B. Dependable and versatile, this mid-sized sedan offers robust safety features and and optimal fuel economy. To ensure it delivers these benefits, you need high-quality components — including a powerful and reliable battery for 2013 Ford Fusion. Keep reading to learn about the wide range of Ford Fusion battery options, including maintenance-free models that outlast conventional versions.

Safer Maintenance-Free Power

Absorbent glass mat batteries incorporate a unique design that provides power while improving longevity and durability. Made from fiberglass, the separator inside an AGM battery soaks up the electrolyte solution inside. Because the fiberglass mat touches both the positive and negative battery plates, it offers a significant surface area for the electrolyte solution to contact the plates.

With this advanced design, AGM batteries offer many advantages over conventional models. Because the electrolyte solution isn’t free-flowing liquid inside the battery, an absorbent glass mat construction eliminates spills and leaks.

Enhanced flooded batteries deliver the same benefits with a different design. EFB batteries have chunkier positive and negative internal plates, improving their ability to charge and deep-cycle. Their durable designs ensure maintenance-free performance.

Several models from Duralast offer maintenance-free power and longevity, including the Platinum AGM and the Platinum EFB editions. Each comes with different design features while providing the capacity for everyday driving plus additional power demands.

Duralast Platinum AGM Batteries

The Duralast Platinum AGM Battery offers maintenance-free power with exceptional capabilities. Thanks to its design, the Platinum AGM lasts twice as long as its standard lead-acid counterparts. There’s no loose fluid to spill out or leak, plus it recharges faster to provide current to HVAC systems, GPS units, wipers, and other essentials

Duralast Platinum EFB Models

The Platinum EFB battery lasts 1.5 times longer than conventional models. It integrates an exclusive carbon additive, resulting in a speedier recharge rate that enhances battery life. With its deep cycling and recharge abilities, it’s perfect for extreme temperatures and vehicles with many electrical accessories.

Premium Design That Will Last

Durability is also critical when evaluating car batteries for purchase. While you’re not driving in stressful conditions like the Indy 500, your battery should still have a sturdy construction. This ensures that the battery will last through extreme heat, cold, and vibrations. Besides being spill-proof and leakproof, the Platinum AGM also has a vibration-resistant construction. The Platinum EFB battery incorporates a full-frame positive grid as well as thicker negative grids to repel corrosion.

Another top-rated battery for 2011 Ford Fusion vehicles is the Duralast Gold. This battery model features a vibration-resistant case plus a stamped-grid technology and a heavy-duty strap and weld system for a strong intercell weld that resists corrosion.

Where To Buy Your Battery

Each Duralast battery for 2010 Ford Fusion vehicles provides power, longevity, and durability. The key is choosing the model that best fits your driving habits and power needs. The Platinum AGM, Platinum EFB, and Gold models are all available at AutoZone. When replacing your battery, return your old one to have the core charge refunded and save money on your new model.

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