The U.S. is on track to give more than 1 million Visa to Indians in 2023. Donnal Lew (U.S. Assistant Secretary of South and Central Asian Affairs) interviewed me in India. He told me he is listing work visas like H-1B and L, which are the most demanding in India. In addition, in this blog, we will share all details regarding visa approvals and more.

According to U.S Embassy & Consular In India

According to U.S Embassy & Consular In India

Sep-28, 2023 – Donald Lu, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, told the Press Hope of India in an interview this week that he is also prioritizing H-1B and L visas, which are most in demand in India. I.T. professionals are

The United States is on track to grant more than 1 million visas to Native Americans this year, a senior official said, adding that the Biden administration is committed this summer to ensuring it processes all student visas for Native Americans whose education begins this fall.

The Mission also implemented strategies to increase efficiency, expand interview waivers to new visa categories, and use remote work to enable staff across the world to contribute to the processing of Indian visas. Early next year, the Mission plans to implement a pilot program allowing domestic visa renewals for eligible H&L work visa applicants.

As noted in the joint statement by Prime Minister Modi and President Biden during the President’s recent visit to India, the United States and India share a “close and enduring” partnership. Improving visa processing is just one example of the U.S. Mission in India’s continued commitment to strengthening this partnership.

The Hindu – U.S. Track To Issue More Than One Million Visas To India 2023

April 22, 2023 – M.R. In the interview, L.U. said we’re creating Work Visa H1-B and L Visas. Most of them are I.T. Fields from India.

H1-B Visa is an non-immigrant visa which allows U.S. Companies to Give Job opportunities to Foreign Workers in Special professions. Still, it requires experience in Technical, Soft wear, and other professions.

However, many U.S. technology companies hire ten thousand employees each year. As per the Hindu report, most are from India and China.

Official Statement of United States Embassy of India 2023

In a recent YouTube video of 1 minute, Eric Garcetti, U.S. Embassy to India, thanks Students, Business people, and Visitors for choosing America. Moreover, in this video, he also talks about reaching 1 million Visa. It has become a breaking year for students, Employment, and immigrants.

Finally, Eric thanked all consular from different states, from Mumbai to Hyderabad to Kolkata and Chennai, who had impacted all one million applications. Why People Search This?

The Rajkotupdates is a Trusted Gujrat News Updates offline and online platform. You will get quickly news updateds from health to entertainment and politics to International Fairs and more news. 2023 was the hottest and recording breaking news for all Indian travelers and students. Therefore, have strong connetion whewre poepl belived their news is so accurant. In addition, that’s why this news is still treading news of India.

Conclusion – In the year 2023, U.S. has reach to granted 1.2 million visas from different region such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Koltaka, and many more states. The number was recorded breaking the U.S. embassy of India. They promised to grant millions of H1-B, F-1, and L visas. Hence, they proved by their working on 24/7. Meanwhile,  After approval of the Visa daily, 60k Students were boarding at Hyderabad AirPort.