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Zodiac signs – What are the dates of the horoscope signs?

Zodiac signs – What are the dates of the horoscope signs?

What are zodiac signs?

Zodiac signs are the 12 signs of the zodiac, which form the basis of astrology, that were already defined in ancient times.

For this purpose, the year was divided into 12 sections and each section was assigned to the constellation in which the sun was located during this period.

Astrology assumes that the time of birth and the date of birth are formative for the human character and assigns certain properties to each constellation.

The properties refine other aspects – such as the ascendant.

The zodiac signs and their order are related to certain constellations that move over the horizon over the course of the year. They can be observed in the night sky.

Depending on where the earth is in its career, certain cosmic constellations unfold their energies. These then affect nature and people.

Our current knowledge of astrology about the zodiac dates has its roots in ancient times.

Ancient Babylon discovered the signs of Zodiac, two thousand years before the birth of Christ.

How does the order of the zodiac signs affect people?

  • The energies of the cosmos not only awaken the forces of nature.
  • They also affect people. Above all, planetary constellation influences personality development.
  • It is felt by infants in the first days of childhood and is an important environmental factor.
  • Depending on the zodiac sign under which a person was born, certain character traits develop.
  • These accompany people later throughout their lives. They can lead to him or her having certain strengths or struggling with individual weaknesses.
  • Those who find out about astrology get to know themselves better. On this basis, optimal personal development is possible.
  • The analysis of the position of the planets, the sun and the moon at the time of your birth provides information about your personality.
  • Your zodiac sign provides a lot of information about your character, your compatibility in love, your preferences, weaknesses and fears.
  • Your zodiac sign affects your character, attitude, and feelings. Zodiac signs are an effective means of understanding yourself better and drawing conclusions about the course of your own life

Zodiac Signs: Ancient Science of the Zodiac Signs

  • The 12 signs of the zodiac as we know them today have existed for over 2000 years.
  • In the past, the zodiac signs were still used as a calendar, but now the zodiac signs are only used for horoscopes.
  • Since the earth is a sphere, the sky around us can be divided into a spectrum of 360 degrees.
  • Each sign of the zodiac occupies an area of 30 degrees in the sky.
  • Originally the signs of the zodiac had something to do with the signs of the zodiac that were visible in the sky at that time.
  • Since the earth is not perfectly round, the zodiac signs have meanwhile shifted 30 degrees to their zodiac signs.
  • The term zodiac has become popular. The zodiac sign is used for horoscopes.
  • The range of 30 degrees is determined quite arbitrarily in the sky.
  • If you are on the edge of another zodiac sign with your date of birth, it may possibly apply to you.
  • Even leap years can temporarily slip you into another zodiac sign.

Which zodiac sign do I have?

  • In astrology, your zodiac sign depends on  your birthday. The respective signs of the zodiac are assigned certain properties or behavioural patterns.

Date Star                                                Sign

January 21st – February 19th             Aquarius

February 20 – March 20                      Fishes

March 21st – April 20th                       Aries

April 21st – May 20th                           Bull

May 21st – June 21st                            Twins

June 22nd – July 22nd                           Cancer

July 23rd – August 23rd                         Lion

August 24th – September 23rd            Virgin

September 24th – October 23rd          Libra

October 24th – November 22nd          Scorpio

November 23rd – December 21st       Sagittarius

December 22nd – January 20th           Capricorn

Why a zodiac list? Why do people use the services of astrology?

  • Modern astrology offers professional advice. It provides useful tips that are specifically aiming at a particular person and make life easier for them.
  • With the right tips you can, take advantage of professional opportunities or find love, but also master crises and avoid difficulties.
  • In contrast to other offers, no extensive analysis of your personality is necessary in this case.
  • Each individual evaluation is based on the given star sign list. So, the astrological accuracy is strictly observed.
  • The necessary hints result from your data and their astrological interpretation.
  • If you make use of the services of experienced astrologers, it will not take much time before they can correctly assess your individual situation
  • However, this allows you to act quickly and in a targeted manner and you do not have to spend a lot of money to find the right advice.

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