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Why I love Canada?

Why I love Canada?

Why I love Canada? – If you’ve asked me how much I know about Canada five years ago, I would have answered; “They have some great online casinos”.
Playing in online casinos really introduced me to Canada in the first place. Via a casino bonus Canada, I was able to use a recommendation offer at an online casino and it kickstarted my passion for online poker and baccarat. In fact, it funded my first trip to this awesome country.


Canada’s vast hinterlands are strongholds for some of the world’s most spectacular species, and it is home to some of the world’s best-untamed places.
Its territory is home to black, brown, and polar bears, as well as the obnoxious giant moose. Whales and dolphins dwell in its lush seas near the coastlines of Newfoundland and British Columbia.
I adore Canada because there is adventure around every corner. It’s enormous and diversified. I can’t get enough of it as an outdoor enthusiast. There is something for everyone, from ice climbing in Alberta to kayaking on the Bay of Fundy. Canadas’ wildlife, on the other hand, gets the heart racing. I’ve strolled with polar bears, canoed across calm lakes in search of moose, kayaked with beluga whales, and listened to the wolf howl. Canada is fantastic!

Natural beauty

Mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests are all represented. Canada truly has it all, with cities, rural landscapes, and beautiful suburbs in between. So go and check it out if you’re searching for a spot to go away and experience something new. So many people tell me how much they like Canada’s natural beauty and I totally agree.

Banff National Park is a fantastic place to visit if you want to see mountains, glaciers, and beautiful views. It is the oldest national park in the Americas. Consider the most crystal-clear water, which reflects snow-capped mountains. Consider the tranquillity and perfection. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is, all I can say is that you should add it to your list.

Natural beauty - Why I love Canada

Canadian dining

Food scene leaders, like Canadian residents, like sharing emotionally stirring ideas, tastes, views, scents, and experiences. Sharing in a courteous manner, and in a spirit of generosity and politeness, is a lovely Canadian quality. There’s an almost competitive mentality about putting their best foot forward, whether it’s a person, a restaurant, or the entire food scene.

Canadian dining

Land of the free…

That’s what people from the US claim, right?
A cornerstone of Canada’s purpose is the building of a varied yet harmonious society. They are, in essence, people with a sense of mission. And it is certain that those who grasp their life’s purpose are the happiest.

In other words, the Canadians outperformed the Americans in achieving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without even declaring this statement a national symbol. To be sure, they owe a great deal to the Americans for their intellectual impact and economic wealth. However, it looks that the Canadians have done a better job of living up to Jefferson’s goal than the Americans.

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