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Who are Behind the Metaverse?

Who are Behind the Metaverse?

One of the debates that arise based on the Metaverse is whether creating these metaverses is good or bad.

Some believe that this will make humanity extinct, and others that it is a technological advance that will improve our quality of life. More of this issue on the bitcoin up software.

What does the Metaverse involve?

Metaverse is a new technological wave that brings several completely new concepts that will affect many even without being users of the Metaverse.

It is a technological revolution that will change many activities such as working, studying, and all social relations.

The Metaverse will connect all the individuals that are so different from each other; on the other hand, the designers will have to rethink and execute their designs in 3d, leaving aside the two-dimensional screen that has accompanied them for so many years.

This new element will change the way we see world, just as the internet or even mobile telephony did at the time. It is important to note that the Metaverse represents excellent power in those who lead it, so great power requires great responsibility.

So if that responsibility is not correctly exercised by the main executors, it could bring significant negative consequences.

In the digital creation, the band that separates the real from the virtual becomes blurred with the Metaverse coming true. Technological evolution is constant in today’s world, in an untiring exploration to discover new methods of ease and performing.

Companies collaborating with the Metaverse

Dozens of companies are collaborating to create the software and hardware that this parallel universe will use, which requires excellent cooperation between giants.

This injection will allow the company to deeply develop the social experiences that the Metaverse implies.

Roblox, another investor platform, also points in the same direction, and some companies want to join. For example, Gucci, the fashion company, works with Roblox to sell digital accessories.

Coca-Cola also operates in the sale of digital products that it promotes as a base of the Metaverse. Trading digital outfits are becoming a very profitable business, especially for companies like Fortnite or Roblox Form principle.

Virtual World connected with real life

The Metaverse is a virtual world connected to many aspects of the physical world, including people, places, and things, allowing users to live a shared experience across both the physical and digital worlds.

The new ecosystem of the Metaverse has, according to its defenders, all the conditions to signify a transformation. And this will occur in multiple areas, such as social relations or services for companies, including electronic commerce. Even advertising—a significant source of revenue for Web 2.0 giants like Facebook and Google—will undergo far-reaching changes.

This Metaverse is trying to be controlled by large corporations, which are undoubtedly the ones with the tools to build the structural fabric of this new ecosystem.

These meta-corporations have both political and economic interests and are fighting each other, trying to be the ones to impose their unique vision on the general concept of METAVERSE. However, the big technology companies are the main ones behind creating this new virtual reality tool, even they could monopolize the Metaverse.

Therefore, the Metaverse must begin to be considered a new social paradigm is driven by the signifier of the network society concept. The network society originates from the Internet as a contemporary digital society, an evolution of traditional social relationships.

Social expression refers to a series of digital social processes through technological tools. Technological tools allow interaction both individually and collectively.

The communications and data dumped on the Metaverse and what it generates are vital points to achieving the social and legal impact that this new tool entails.

The Metaverse has to be seen as a new social relationship system, a new world vs. virtual reality.


More and more technology companies are trying to get involved, in one way or another, in the creation of these environments worthy of the most extravagant works of science fiction. But as a society, we must be clear about what it means to be involved in this technology, and the separation from the real world required.

There is no doubt that technology will achieve unprecedented things in this virtual world, it only remains for us as users to make correct use of a valuable tool according to our needs.

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