A data center is the house of the most critical systems on a network and is vital to daily operations continuity.

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It is, as its name indicates, a ” data center ” or “Data Processing Center” (DPC).

The data is stored, processed, and distributed to authorized personnel or processes to consult and modify them.

Therefore, the security and reliability of data centers and their information is a priority for organizations.

What are the Types of Data Center?

The designs of the center are unique and usually classified as external or internal data.

In the different types of a data center, some options can vary significantly, among which the following stand out:

  1. Private Data Center
  2. Internet Data Center
  3. Data storage technology
  4. Bandwidth type (internal, external, or mixed)
  5. Server virtualization level

What are the Components of the Data Center?

  • As we mentioned, data centers are physical spaces, within a building or an entire complex, made up of computer hardware.
  • It must be accessible from any corner of the planet, in other words, by servers.
  • To ensure optimal availability, these centers generally use multiple fiber optic internet providers.

Data or application execution

  • Racks or storage compartments are the servers in network closets.
  • Servers, routers, and other network switches are like drawers for easy insertion into cabinets.
  • The standard width of a cabinet is 19 inches (48.28 centimetres), and the height of the “drawers” is defining in-unit U (1 U equals 4.5 centimetres).
  • Thus, each element occupies one or more U in the compartment.
  • This division into modules facilitates maintenance operations

What is the Security of Data Centers?

  • IT and telecommunications services companies that manage a Data Center must guarantee the security and availability of the data they save.
  • It is the multiple high-speed Internet connection paths for maximum connectivity.
  • On-site security 24 hours a day and through computerized systems, such as video surveillance.
  • However, Appropriate air conditioning systems that guarantee the optimal performance of computer equipment.
  • Let us add that, It is a widely specialized staff with 24/7 service for incidents.

What are the Advantages of Data Centers?

  • Data center providers have implemented strategies and procedures worthy of nuclear power plants to ensure their data integrity and availability to their customers.

Equipment safety

  • The safety of the rooms and the equipment is the focus of attention at all times.
  • Thus, for example, the risk of seeing machines stop due to electrical failure is hardly non-existent.
  • Basically, Data centers have generators capable of running machines even during a blackout.
  • In addition to these security measures, the equipment is also subject to extensive surveillance.

Infrastructure maintenance

  • Indeed, installing many machines in the same room is a real challenge.
  • Servers and other computer components release heat that must evacuate to avoid technical failures.
  • For this, rooms in a specialized data center are usually kept at around 20 degrees.
  • The use of air conditioning and the electrical consumption of the IT equipment make data centers consume a lot of energy.
  • For this reason, today, the new data centers have been designed to minimize their impact on the environment.

What are the Difficulties of Data Centers?

  • Theoretically, and even in practice, an individual or a company can centralize, store and share their data on a network by creating their own data center with little means.
  • Indeed, a computer and an Internet connection are enough to run cheap servers to host a website or store information.
  • However, there are many issues to consider.
  • It is necessary to have a reliable and fast internet connection and install transformers and generators to avoid possible power outages.
  • It replaces defective parts quickly, gets a fixed IP address, etc.
  • The difficulties are such that today almost no one thinks of hosting a website on their hardware and even less with a personal connection.
  • However, a data center creates a website or an application mostly with a server. Also you can find more helpful resources at worldbeautytips.

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