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What is Google Drive? – Definition, Work, Features, and More

What is Google Drive? – Definition, Work, Features, and More


Google Drive is used to store all kinds of files, including documents, presentations, music, photos, and videos.

It is where all your files are accessed, including Google Docs and local files.

However, it is the internet data storage service provided by Google in its free version and includes a 15 GB storage capacity.

This service works like a Windows Office or Open Office package, but online, it allows you to create folders to store and upload files of any kind.

It produces and modifies documents online in different word processors, spreadsheets, pdfs, and slide editors.

However, You can also create forms for surveys, exams, etc. Edit and insert drawings and images.
The drive is also available for Android and iOS (mobile operating systems).

How does it work?

  • As we discussed earlier, it is a cloud application that, in turn, has several services included.
  • This pack makes a virtual computer since all the information and applications are hosted on Google’s servers and not on our computer.
  • As a result, you will no longer need your laptop to work anywhere in the world.
  • However, you will need a device to connect to the internet to carry out the tasks.

What are the Features?

  • Firstly, Synchronizes the files between all devices with Google Drive for Mac / PC
  • Secondly, Downloads Google Drive mobile app iPhone or iPad
  • Searching and viewing files via web visually in the list layout
  • Add a file to a folder by clicking the folder icon or file from Google Docs, spreadsheets, or a presentation
  • Finally, Work with more types of files by installing Google Drive Apps from the Chrome Web Store.

What is the Implementation?

  • In the early stages, Google Drive will be available as an optional upgrade.
  • In the final stages of the transition, users will no longer be able to disable the interface, and Google Drive on the web will replace the Google Docs list of documents for all users.
  • The period in which it is available or becomes mandatory varies depending on each domain and will be communicating promptly.

Phase 1 (qualification period)

  • If users access, they will receive a message that Google Drive has not yet been enabling on their domain.

Phase 2 (period of disqualification)

  • At the beginning of this phase, the notice will be sent to domain administrators about the pending disablement phase.
  • Users who choose the scheduled launch will get Google Drive about a week later, although they can temporarily disable it.
  • In addition, you can read more helpful resources at thepinkcharm

Phase 3 (complete transition)

  • At the beginning of this period, domain administrators will be notified of the final migration.
  • One week later, all domains will have fully transitioned.

What is the Language of Google Drive?

  • Google Drive on the web and the Google Drive app for Android is available in the same languages that Google Docs currently supports.
  • However, the Google Drive sync client for Mac / PCs, and the iOS app is only available in English. International versions will be available soon.

What are the Components?

1. Google Drive on the web

  • It is an online interface for viewing Google Drive content.
  • It replaces and improves the current Google Docs list of documents.

2. Google Drive for Mac / PC

  • It is a downloadable application for Windows and Mac computers that allows you to sync files between your computer and Google Drive on the web.

3. Google Drive application for Android or iOS mobiles

  • Use this application to access your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • It offers UNLIMITED storage.

What are the Uses of Google Drive?

  • This tool is handy for students, researchers, administrators, etc.
  • Because it allows us to create documents in different formats, work the same file online from any device only by accessing the cloud through our email.
  • It can also be shared with other users and invited to edit, comment, or download the documents.
  • We solve this problem with this tool because everything is worked, saved, and updated from the cloud.

What are the Benefits Google Drive?

  • It allows you to save files in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop breaking down and losing everything you had on your hard drive.
  • You can save files, photos, folders.
  • Only by logging in from your Gmail account you will have access to all your files and projects.
  • It has different applications (similar to Microsoft Office) with which you can create your content and share it quickly with your collaborators or clients.
  • However, It allows collaboration of work.
  • Imagine that you have an online marketing team and within it, a content writer and an SEO.
  • You can currently activate two-step authentication.
  • That way, if someone accesses your account from another unknown device, a warning will come to you, and the hacker will have to verify their identity with a second password.
  • Scalable storage. Whenever you need more space to save your data, you can expand your GB of memory.
  • You can search your files quickly with its search engine.

What are the Drawbacks of Google Drive?

  • If you get lost and leave the session open on another computer, they can access your account.
  • Do not forget always to close it and, if you are in a public place, delete the cookies before leaving.
  • At first, it is difficult to understand some of the concepts, such as editing documents in real-time or managing shared files, do not despair. It is a matter of trying (and seeing my tutorials)
  • It would help if you necessarily had an internet connection (unless you download the desktop version to synchronize the files).
  • To access it, you need a Gmail account, whether you want to or not. It’s a small toll for all the benefits that you can enjoy.Also you can find more helpful resources at technologybeam.

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