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What Is Global SEO, and What Are the Best Practices for 2022?

What Is Global SEO, and What Are the Best Practices for 2022?

Global SEO: You’ve got a grip on your local SEO. Maybe you’ve even mastered your organic search campaigns.

Now it’s time to tap into the 76% of shoppers who make international purchases on a regular basis. That means you have to tap into the wide world of global SEO.

International SEO isn’t too complex if you’ve got the hang of standard optimization tactics, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We’re going to take a look at global SEO today, giving you some insight into what it is and exploring its best practices.

Let’s get started.

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How is Global SEO Different?

Simply put, global SEO is the process of optimizing for individuals in foreign countries. It’s a way of getting your products in front of interested users across the globe.

The difficulty is that a lot of those individuals speak different languages, have different cultural attitudes and perspectives, and might be interested in different types of marketing than you’re used to.

How is Global SEO Different?

The beautiful thing is that many of the most popular eCommerce marketplaces and social media sites are used by individuals all over the world. It’s likely that your most successful platforms are utilized heavily in the countries you’re targeting.

That means you don’t have to change your workflow too much, but you will have to adjust some other things.

Advanced Targeting Practices

Broadening your targeting is the first thing that needs to get done. In some respects, marketing to international audiences is easier because you have far more people to choose from. There are bound to be more interested audiences around the globe than there are in your home country.

Once you’ve broadened your targeting and found a receptive audience, it’s time to start working with language.

Adjusting Your Languages

This is something that you might not be able to do yourself. It’s worthwhile to hire a translator or work with an SEO company that has copywriters fluent in the language used in your target country.

The difficulty here is that you’ll likely need to translate numerous pages on your site in addition to writing your ads in a foreign language.

Linking Structure

Optimizing for different countries also means creating link structures with sites in those languages. Your current SEO will certainly add some weight to your domain authority, but Google won’t rank you as well in countries where your site isn’t legible.

That means having web copy in the host language as well as creating a network of links that reflects your importance in that country. Look at some of these international SEO tips on linking to get started.

Anticipating Workload

Optimizing for different countries is a lot of work. You gain access to entirely new populations of people, though, and good international SEO is bound to drive sales.

It’s worth it. You might just need a little help from a few professionals, though.

Want to Learn More About SEO Trends?

We hope our look at global SEO was useful to you. There’s a wide world of web traffic out there for you to tap into. We’re here to help with more ideas.

Explore our site for insights into SEO, marketing tips, and a whole lot more.

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