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What CMS To Use To Improve The SEO Of eCommerce Website

What CMS To Use To Improve The SEO Of eCommerce Website

What CMS To Use To Improve The SEO Of eCommerce Website? – Among the handful of sectors that somehow survived the deadly effect of the pandemic is the eCommerce sector. Despite the uncertainty caused during the pandemic, the eCommerce sector emerged strong, with a growth rate of 14.3%. These are figures filled with optimism. Now only this eCommerce sector forecasts annual growth of 23% by 2023.

The CMS landscape had a great role to play in the overall development. Starting your new eCommerce business? You might need some website management system software. You could download them from thepirateproxybay. Now let’s start the discussion.

What Is an Ecommerce CMS?

Before discussing the matter of fact, let’s get down to the basics to understand what an eCommerce CMS is? Content Management Software is software that enables e-commerce shop owners to create, edit and publish websites with no code. Discussing them from the perspective of CMS, e-commerce is an online shopping cart solution through which you handle product management.

Features Needed In An E-Commerce CMS

While you call it an eCommerce CMS, you need to consider the features that make it an eCommerce CMS. The eCommerce CMS has certain features. Let’s discuss them here.

1. SEO friendly

If you run your eCommerce shop and are suffering from weak performance of your website, look at your SEO. Don’t think that with strong content, you win it all. Selecting the right eCommerce CMS with SEO optimized capabilities ensures that you can focus on content quality and use tools to monitor the performance of websites without worrying about technical complexities. A good eCommerce CMS will help you out in attaining higher rankings in the search engines.

2. Easy Optimisation

Contemporary buyers really have some high expectations. But in return, they get disappointed. They fail to provide smooth UX. In an E-commerce CMS, you look out for elements like flexible design options, mobile compatibility, and others. This is how you attain easy optimization.

3. Easy To Use

You will definitely want your website to be light and fast. That is why you engage in updating your content and optimization to empower eCommerce entrepreneurs. This is one way that you make things easy for your website. The CMS needs to arm your entrepreneurs to improve the site’s UX.

4. Integration

Your website must be futuristic. Your system must be maneuverable enough. They must be compatible with molding themselves for the future. Ideally, you want some seamless integration that your website must have that compatibility and leniency. This you are getting with CMS.

What Cms To Use?

Now we come to the main part of the discussion, that is, what CMS do we need to use? We are providing a list of CMS to improve your SEO of eCommerce websites.

1. Big Commerce

This cms is among the best in the business and has quite a good track record. Around 60000 merchants of different types get the support of BigCommerce. The platform is highly effective and is known for its advanced SEO integration. Apart from this, they are also known for their flexible APIs.

2. WordPress

Among the most dominant CMS players is WordPress.The plugins are extremely important and form some of the characteristics that make the optimization work challenging. The great thing with these plugins is that they enable missing features and functionalities easily.

3. Drupal

Drupal isn’t really designed for e-commerce. It can be amalgamated with plugins and frameworks that manage eCommerce functionality. If you don’t have that significant development knowledge, you won’t be able to make use of Drupal. Drupal, as a CMS, offers some great flexibility.

4. Joomla

This is a highly competitive open-source content management platform that enables users to build websites. This enables users to build websites and publish content online. Want to use Joomla? There are a number of extensions that can help you turn this into your eCommerce stores.

5. Sitecore

This is a leading digital experience platform combining market automation and commerce. This platform helps traders design storefront experiences and provides personalized commerce journeys. With this, you are going to have the capabilities.


In conclusion, it can be said that the CMS discussed above are great in their own realm. Therefore it could be understood from the features that they are great for your eCommerce website. Without a great website, you won’t be able to compete in the market. So you can make use of the CMS.

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