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Ways to Make a Small Living Room Seem Bigger
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Ways to Make a Small Living Room Seem Bigger

When your living room feels cluttered due to its limited size, it’s difficult to spend time in it with your family, and the last thing you want to do is have friends over. There are a few design tricks you can use to make the space feel bigger. Adjusting the layout and making smart styling choices are two areas to focus on to complete that goal.

Your living room may be small because all the rooms in the home are small or because it serves as a multifunctional space. Either way, a few simple changes will instantly make the area feel spacious.

Before planning the furniture layout, it’s crucial that you understand the layout of the space. Identify the walking areas and keep them free of furniture that will make moving around the room difficult. Next, take measurements, so you know the dimensions to keep in mind as you look at the different furniture selections.

Now take the room’s natural built-in elements into consideration and use them to your advantage. Your living room may have a fireplace and mantle that lends an authentic warmth to the space. There may be large floor-to-ceiling windows that let the sunshine flow throughout the room; whatever the elements are, don’t fight them and try to find a way to hide them in the design. Embrace the uniqueness they can bring to your home’s look and incorporate them into the design.

Use masking tape to section off the furniture placements so you have a better idea of how it will feel walking around the room. Or draw the furniture layout on a piece of paper. The point is to see if the arrangement will work and make any needed adjustments before finalizing where each piece will be placed.

Light-colored furniture is one way to make a small space feel bigger. Sunlight reflects off of the furniture causing the room to appear more open. Lighter neutrals add a bright and fresh feel to the space. Bright colors bring attention to the size of a sofa, so remember to keep the size proportionate to the room so as not to cause a visual distraction that takes away from the overall aesthetic. Also, stick to the color palette, as too many different colors will make the space feel littered.

Another trick that enlarges the space is to let the natural light shine. It creates a light, breezy feel, so stay away from dark curtains. Be sure you don’t obstruct the windows with large storage closets or bookcases. Keep the window treatments to a minimum and opt to go with a simple shade for privacy.

Add layers of lighting to the room to drive the dark corners and shadows away. These dark spots recede from view causing the room to feel just a bit tighter. Use a mix of hanging light fixtures, table lamps, and floor lamps. Placing a decorative floor lamp in a dark corner adds to the décor and opens up the space.

If you’re shopping for living room furniture sets, find more options at 1StopBedrooms. You’ll find mirrors which will also increase the space. Hang them strategically to maximize their expansive effects. Place one on the wall opposite a window, and the natural light will bounce around the room to give it an airy and spacious feeling. Position a large floor mirror in a corner, and it will give the illusion of more floor space.

Adding height to the room will also make it seem larger. That can be achieved by hanging artwork above eye level. Having to look up makes the space between the ceiling and the floor feel farther apart than it actually is. Shelves and wall lights follow the same rule; place them above eye level and leave the negative space underneath is free of clutter.

Using a large rug that fits well in the space opens it up also. Place the rug under the bigger pieces of furniture, like the sofa or loveseats. If the entire piece doesn’t fit on the rug, then place the front two legs on the rug. Leave about 8-10 inches around the edges to expose just enough of the floor. A small rectangular rug that all the furniture huddles around causes the room to feel cramped.

Decluttering the room is essential to it feeling bigger. Piles of magazines and books on surfaces make it instantly feel smaller. Anything that takes up floor space also subtracts from the room’s size. The key is to leave as much surface and floor space open to keep the room’s appearance tidy. The best way to get this done is to find clever storage options.

Utilize your vertical space by enlisting the help of shelves and floating furniture. Floating entertainment centers and bookshelves will make excellent use of your walls, leaving you with more space. Many of the floating entertainment centers have shelving with cubby holes for video game systems, cable boxes (if you still have one), or decorative items.

Ottomans not only add seating to the space, but many come with additional storage. You can keep your reading materials tucked away and out of sight. Sofa sets with hidden storage will also give you drawers or compartments to hold remotes and other things your household may use while spending time in the living room.

Make the best use of your space by using it. In other words, don’t push the furniture up against the wall; move it away. That large space that sits between the sofa, coffee table, and television can be smaller and give the room more fluidity. The more fluid the space, the larger it appears.

You’ll find living room furniture to liven up your small space on 1Stop. Shop top name brands and they will deliver them to your home for free. If you have questions, just reach out to their non-commissioned specialists for a free consultation. Don’t wait any longer to get the living room you’ve always wanted.

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