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Voice Search – How To Successfully Market Business With It?

Voice Search – How To Successfully Market Business With It?

What is Voice Search?

Voice search allows users to search for information through voice commands, either through a mobile device, a microphone on the computer.

It is also searches with one of the current voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa.

To recognize and process the user’s voice command, compression algorithms are used between computers and human

Once the user’s voice command has been identified and analyzed, the assistant searches a vast database.

Thanks to its search algorithm, the most relevant answer areas were talking directly to Google itself.

How does it work?

  • The voice search device converts the data found into voice/text and sends it to the user in response.
  • These are not usually searches that require further investigation or an exhaustive search for information. It requires only a simple and concise answer.
  • These gadgets may play and if they will really affect and impact the level of positioning and how users search the Internet.


  • According to the latest studies, mobile devices carries out voice searches.
  • This data gives us many clues about the context in which most of the voice searches stand carried out and how the result obtained.

The main characteristics are:

1. Informational intent

  • Most of the voice searches performed have an informational intent.
  • The user wants to obtain the information about something in particular or resolve a possible doubt that has arisen at that time and nothing more.
  • It is still too early for users to be confident enough to purchase or book airline tickets through voice commands.

2. Geo-located

  • They are searches that are usually geo-located, so they give us essential information about the user’s location and what they want to obtain.
  • Hence the more natural searches like “near me” or “near my location.”

3. Search engines are true

  • In Voice search, Search engines are true and valid devices for personal use.
  • So it gives us an exact sample of the user’s needs, concerns, tastes, or possible consumers.

4. Natural searches

  • They are more natural searches. When we write by hand, usually we write like robots, while with voice search.
  • As investigations are faster to carry out, we speak as if we were communicating with a real person (An exciting point at the SEO level)

5.Immediate and temporary

  • The immediacy and temporality. The quintessence of voice searches is that they are usually queries made at a specific point in time, seeking to solve a particular need quickly.

Google Voice Search: Every Business Needs To Know About it

  • Google voice search is becoming more and more critical.
  • Life has become very dynamic, and multitasking is in demand like never before.
  • Moreover, Voice search makes life a lot easier and is accessible to everyone: Many of us start our day with an ” Ok Google.”
    More products are being sold today with the help of language support.
  • Technical development enables more and more people to use voice search, makes this convenient search method more and more popular.
  • Google voice typing helps carry out everyday research on the side.
  • It makes perfect sense for companies to ensure that their offers remain elevated for voice search.
  • However, Companies that don’t do this are likely to find that they are overtaken by the competition.
  • It is the fatal mistake no company can afford in today’s competitive environment.

Voice search as a tool for business success

  • Little by little, the voice search functions have been improving, and with it, users are making more and more use of it.
  • That is why companies should start to put their eyes on this and consider them in their future marketing strategies.
  • Thanks to mobile telephony’s constant progress, voice search has achieved significant relevance within the share of Internet searches.
  • Part of its success is due to consumers’ little effort within their busy rhythms of life since just by talking; you have everything you need.
  • One of the secrets of success in the voice search algorithm is the quality and variety of keywords that it has when searching.
  • When you write, you try to be as limited as possible not to waste time.
  • However, when speaking, one asks the question as it is in mind, generating optimized searches by localities and areas since saying things changes depending on where one is.

Voice Search Marketing

  • In addition to new opportunities, this also creates new challenges for companies.
  • Because the results are often limited to a single result.
  • Basically, Retailers are particularly concerned that voice assistants will no longer display advertising messages when searching for products.
  • Companies can best use the possibilities of digital voice assistants.
  • However, It makes recommendations for manufacturers and product providers actions and shows how they can get their products featured by voice assistants like Alexa.
  • From the content: – Online marketing; – Amazon; – advertising; – advertisement; – Voice Search Marketing; – Customer journey

How your company becomes visible with this search

  • The battle for the top places among the search results is intensified with voice search.
  • The voice search on the smartphone or tablet still presents a list of results.
  • The voice output of a digital assistant like Amazon Echo usually only delivers the first result.
  • Voice searches derive their relevance rating from these directories.
  • Around 90 percent of the weighting comes from just three major players.
  • The Google platforms including Google Maps, Bing and Yelp have a straightforward influence on the results.
  • The more complete and correct the information here, the higher the chance of landing high in the search result.

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