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How To Become A Video Game Concept Artist

How To Become A Video Game Concept Artist

How To Become A Video Game Concept Artist? – Tyler has worked on a wide variety of PC, mobile and console games, including Microsoft Studios’ Forza Motorsports 5. We will talk about why being a skilled communicator is as important as being a good artist. And also about what game concept art is.

How can you describe what you do every day by putting your thoughts in a few sentences?

Compared to many other roles in the games industry, one can conclude that my work in recent years has been overlooked from a structure that is constantly being repeated. Therefore, it was possible to abandon the predictability of all projects.

The main purpose is to provide information as well as detail the art direction for production staff. This can often mean more than just creating the drawn characters or environments. The main tasks are image research, digital painting, 3D modeling, digital painting, photo manipulation in specific places, working with special programs such as Adobe InDesign, user interface design, fonts and logos. You can also solve the errors such as Microsoft error [pii_email_c59c41bb6ce28bce5ed9].

This is a huge range of work. How did you become a concept artist?

From a young age, there was a desire to work in the film industry. As job vacancies for CGI special effects began to dwindle, concept artists began to play an increasingly important role. I thought that the best opportunity after college to get a role in concept art is to start small. His first job in the games industry was as a 2D environment artist. It took several years to become part of the concept art.

What attracts you the most to a concept artist’s work? What do you like least of all?

I believe that the maximum benefit from work is when even unfamiliar people say that they value the results highly, they like what they did. If you are investing yourself in a particular trade, it can be exhausting. But it will be useful, especially if you can see the result, and you also know what the final product was made for.

It is difficult enough to deal with situations where one of your favorite must-haves follows due to any number of circumstances. This can happen in the game development process, which is also no less frustrating.

What attracts you the most to a concept artist's work_ What do you like least of all

What can surprise a person who looks at work from the outside?

This is probably the amount of time it takes to create a good project.

What talent and personality will it take to achieve results?

Becoming a highly skilled professional requires the ability to effectively exchange ideas. It is important that you have to admit that the result of the work will always be in sight, and sometimes even thrown away, and the involved art director will be engaged in constant verification of the work. Collaboration in the process and openness are essential.

What advice can you give to schoolchildren who want to associate their work with concept art?

You need to develop some skills that will make you diversified. As the industry develops, artists often come to the studio and only know how to paint digitally. Therefore, you need to be ready for any role that is initially asked to do, already when you start a new job.

The more you are interested in something, the more value you make for a potential employer.

Talented people have made this industry competitive. It is not uncommon for an employer to be given preference in the selection process for candidates for the position of an artist who has good drawing skills, owns some programs, and not the person who will be the best artist, but he does not have the skills to work with software. The wider the range of interests and deeper knowledge, the more competitive you are.

What advice can be given for education, literature or other training at the beginning of a career?

Meet professionals, ask their advice and critics, visit forums, specialized sites, where work is published and there are manuals.

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