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World of Warcraft: Top 5 Secret Places

World of Warcraft: Top 5 Secret Places

Today we will tell you about secret places where rarely anyone happens – maybe because not everyone knows about them, or maybe because a special object or key is required to enter. However, do not expect that we will reveal some incredible secrets – all information about these locations can be found on the Internet. Rather, it will be a list of places that were originally conceived by the developers as secret.

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Amethyst living room

If you talk to Blingtron 6000 and ask him for a costume for the party, and then talk to him again and ask where the party is taking place, you will end up in the Amethyst Living Room, in most cases. Sometimes Blingtron teleports to other random places – for example, on the railway tracks in Gnomeregan. In addition to the random teleport from Blingtron, you can get into the Amethyst Living Room on your own, taking off over the Amethyst Citadel. In addition, players are sent there on a quest during the campaign on the Split Shore – so the place is well-known but still secret.

A secret room in the Scarlet Monastery

If, after killing the last boss of the Monastery, you turn right and go through the doorway, you can see a torch on the left wall. Click on the torch and you will be taken to the secret room! Inside there lies a corpse in clothes that betray its belonging to the Scarlet Order.

Before the Cataclysm, in the original version of the Monastery, an additional boss, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, lived in the room. This character plays a significant role in the history of Azeroth – he witnessed the creation of the Incinerator and the betrayal that led to the desecration of the mighty blade. Of course, Fairbanks told everyone willing to listen about it. Those who took his chatter seriously founded the Silver Dawn, which later turned into the Silver Vanguard and contributed in every way to the overthrow of the Lich King. Fairbanks himself paid a cruel price for the truth – he was accused of spreading the plague, killed, resurrected as undead, and locked in a secret room of the Monastery. Initially, the game did not have a quest to kill Fairbanks, so players only met him by chance.

During the Cataclysm, the quest to kill the inquisitor was given out by a forsaken named Dominic, but he did not say a word about why Fairbanks deserved to die. Well, you know how it usually happens – “kill him, and don’t ask why.” With the release of Mists of Pandaria, Dominic gave way to Lilian Voss, and Fairbanks turned into an ordinary corpse and is now lying idle on the floor.

Additional Info

Before the Cataclysm, players with an Incinerator could launch a scene in the Monastery in which Fairbanks and other representatives of the Scarlet Order told in detail about the history of the legendary weapon. Currently, the scene cannot be seen, even if you have an Incinerator. Most likely, the developers decided to remove Fairbanks from the game, because according to the history of the world, we have no reason to kill him at all. He’s a good guy. So now the room with the corpse of Fairbanks is just an Easter egg for those who remember the old days.

Not far from the Monastery, in the Halls of the Scarlet Order, there is another special room, it is called the Room with Secrets. Despite the name, for most characters, this is a completely ordinary room, but if you can see ghosts, you will be met there by a pair of ghostly squirrels.

Rogue Class Order Hall

Everyone who has characters in this class knows about this location. The entrance to it is located in one of the shops Dalaran – it can be calculated by the small figure of a raven on the signboard. To open the secret passage, you need to talk to the merchant and show him the Uncrowned Insignia. The passage leads to the Cloaca of Dalaran. There is also a secret room in the stronghold itself, which opens when you press the handle in the form of a torch to the right of the door. All the main rogues are sitting in that room, you can also take quests from the class campaign there.Rogue Class Order Hall

A secret cave with a teleport to Gorgrond

Do you want to get to Draenor without completing the introductory quests? Go to a Timeless island in Pandaria and dive into the water near the shore – where frogs live. You will find a small cave in which a blue fire is burning, and chairs are placed around the fire. Sit on any chair and click on the fire – and you are in Gorgrond! If you already know how to fly, get on your transport and go wherever you want.

As you understand, we are not telling you about how to bypass the system, but about a secret cave with an additional useful effect in World of Warcraft.

Caves in the garrison

In the garrisons of the Horde and the Alliance, in the pond next to the fisherman’s hut, you can find the entrance to an underground cave. Just dive in and look around – this entrance is visible. In the cave, itself are the bones of prisoners chained up, and there is a chest with the resources of the garrison.

In the article, we have listed only a part of the secret places that you might not have known about before. We hope that you are interested in these locations and even want to try to find them in the game. If you are a little tired of the old versions of the game, then you can try yourself in the epic battles of the new Dragonflight add-on, which has already been released. Advertisement for this addon features Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal, Stranger Things’ David Harbor, and Lana Condor.

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