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Therapy Pools: What are They and How to Accessorize
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Therapy Pools: What are They and How to Accessorize

What are Therapy Pools?

They are swimming pools used for aquatic therapy.   People who are disabled, athletic, or are recuperating from some physical injury are the prime users. From a small therapy pool for a single person to large pools for group therapy,  you can find the best option for yourself.

Therapy Pools

They may sound like regular swimming pools, but there are differences.  They are not typically used for regular swimming but for medical purposes. Some of the latest models have features like an underwater massager for those who are in need of treatment.

Accessories for therapy pools

Water therapy is best provided if you have supporting accessories. Some of the accessories are explained below:

1. Treadmill

Running underwater has many benefits for your heart and body.  Most athletes use these treadmills for workouts and gain complete mobility.  There are many models available for aqua therapy that encourages the person to walk, run or even sprint.

Therapy Pools - Treadmill

2. Stationary bike

A 30-min run of a submerged stationary bike can burn hundreds of calories and support your weight loss goals.  They strengthen your calves, hamstring, and quadriceps.  They are usually 3-4 feet down the water surface.  If done under the supervision of a trained instructor, you can master underwater cycling like a pro.

3. Water weights

Water aerobics is a great way to sweat it out, and if coupled with weights, it only gets better without putting excessive pressure on your joints and limbs. Tone muscles, lose extra mass, and more. Even those with arthritis can try this since water offers extreme resistance to the water weights and thus making it easy to work out.

Therapy Pools - Water weights

4. Ankle weights

Ankle weights are a great way to take your workout and underwater exercising to another level.  If you try underwater running wearing ankle weights, one can feel the stretch on the calve muscles. From removing excess mass to toning the muscles, the benefits are hard to ignore.

5. Resistance training belts

Resistance bands are known to work for building strength and muscle mass. Try them underwater and enjoy compounded health benefits.  They put excess pressure on your body that aids your underwater workout.

There are many accessories that can add to your workout experience.  Listen to the instructions of your trainer and prevent injuries. Also, if you are new to underwater exercising, it is wise to be safe than sorry.

How to prepare a therapy pool for the disabled and elderly?

A therapy pool has a lot to offer to those who find it hard to move on their own or without any support. If you are preparing a therapy pool in your backyard, do not forget to install an electric pool cover or consider building a pool enclosure  that

  • provides an enclosed space to exercise in private
  • protects the area from external elements
  • enhances the value of property
  • allows patients to cover and uncover the pool area on their own

Resistance training belts

Additionally, mobility aids are a must-have to make the pool accessible for the disabled and elderly.  Ensure you have your fitness instructor along all the time.

Do not let your age or physical limitations stop you from enjoying a good time in or around the pool.  Take the best call for yourself.

Kill it, underwater though!

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