How to study Biology for the RRB NTPC Examination to score high marks? : Railway exams have always been the favorite of Indian youth, given their handsome pay structure and other facilities. It is the reason that the RRB NTPC Examination sees application forms from crores of applicants. Out of these crores of applicants, only a few thousands make it to the second stage of examination. Thus, i.e. CBT2, and a few smart and lucky ones make it to the railways’ jobs. Have you ever thought about what makes a few candidates crack the examination while the others even fail to clear CBT 1? No, it is not just hard work.

Yes, it is a combination of hard work, smart work, and planning exam strategy. If you are a decent student, you will score with an accuracy of more than 90% in Reasoning and Maths, but it is General Knowledge where you should aim to attain this accuracy. If you ace GK in the NTPC Examination, you have a great chance to win the race. One such important section in GK is General Science Biology. The weightage of Biology in General Science is maximum.

How to Ace General Science Biology in the RRB NTPC CBT 2?

Here are the most pet topics you can prepare to score higher in General Science Biology in the RRB NTPC Examination.

  • Important Inventions & their inventor: RRB NTPC Examination doesn’t want to test your advanced biology knowledge. Instead just a basic and static one that every individual should know. We all have studied biology till our class 10th, the level of the questions are also same as of class 10th. One such pet question of RRB NTPC is important inventions and inventors like who founded vitamins, blood circulatory system, founder of penicillin, father of biology, founder of the cell, etc. You can expect at least 1 question from this topic, hence pay enough attention.
  • Important facts about human body parts: We all should know the basics of a human body. Thus, even the NTPC Examination tests you accordingly. You should know the basics of each organ and its functions like heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, lungs, teeth, etc. Moreover, you should know the basics of things like what is human digestive system & its process, the process of breathing, etc. Even the basics of everything coupled with static data will be enough for your preparation.
  • Nutrition in Animals and Plants: It is imperative on your part as aware individuals to know about our surroundings, like animals and plants. The same goes for your NTPC Exam, you should know about what is animal kingdom, plant kingdom, their classification, and important static information. Even the basics of everything would be enough like the chambers of hearts of animals, the difference of biology between plants and animals, etc.
  • Diseases: As stated above RRB NTPC Examination asks static questions more than advanced biology questions. Hence, you should learn all the diseases caused by a virus, protozoa, bacteria, fungus, etc. Moreover, you should also learn a few common and important plant and animal diseases. The questions from diseases are very common in the NTPC Exam.
  • Different types Of Organism: You should aim to study important facts and information about various microorganisms. Thus, like bacteria, fungus, algae & the basic unit of life, i.e. the cell. Apart from it, learn various organisms based on their properties like unicellular, multicellular, saprophytic, parasitic, etc. Remember, pay special attention to important static information and their unique distinctions-NTPC asks them more often.
  • Previous Year Papers: It will be sheer folly to avoid previous year papers of the RRB NTPC Examination. When you solve the previous year’s papers, half of your revision and acquaintance with important questions is already done. Moreover, you can analyze the past year’s NTPC papers to devise important topics on which you can pay special focus.

You don’t need extraordinary efforts to beat the RRB NTPC competition, but ordinary efforts for extraordinary time. Just study smartly, plan prudently, and you are good to go.