RTC Connecting Discord

RTC Connecting Discord is a great platform to connect with your friends and colleagues and enjoy seamless announcements over an isolated network.

Initially, Discord was built for meeting resolutions since it has lots of cool topographies like screen sharing, calling, texting, and video calling.

However, one of Discord’s most useful features is creating a channel and engaging with a much larger audience. Resolving error[pii_email_8d4598c46b27c2829ba0]

Generally, it is relatively easy to connect to someone’s voice server. But recently, most users have been complaining about the RTC connecting no route discord error.

This particular “RTC connecting no route discord error” occurs when Discord cannot make an appropriate connection with the server.

How to Fix Discord No Route Error?

  • The Discord no route error is quite a common one that people frequently face with Discord.
  • Moreover, the “discord no route RTC connecting” error can occur for various reasons, and as we are not aware of the exact situation of your PC.
  • Go through each of these fixes and try all of them until you find the right hole for the No route RTC connecting error on your PC.
  • So, let’s quickly jump on to the Discord no route fixes and help you eliminate this problem.
    It is a voice connection problem that will often make it difficult to talk to your friends and teammates.

1. Restart Your Router/Modem and Computer

  • Since the main culprit for this error may be some fault in your network, restarting the Router/Modem and Computer can be hugely helpful.
  • You can do a normal computer restart by clicking on the Start button, then go to the Power option and hit the Restart option.
  • Otherwise, a complete shutdown and normally restarting it back can also be done, whichever you prefer.
  • As for the router/modem restart, you will most likely find a power button at the backside.
  • However, some routers/modems don’t come with a power button; you can unplug it from the power source or switch the power button Off and then On.
  • It will cause the router to do a force restart and will most probably fix the Discord with no route problem.

2. Restrict VPN

  • One reason for the Discord RTC connecting no route error can be the VPN service you might be using on your computer.
  • Since Discord servers function after checking on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), most VPN servers don’t having such functions.
  • As a result, the discord app faces problems while getting connected to channels and causing an error to occur on the system.
  • Hence, for this Discord no route fix, the easiest method is not to use any VPN service.
  • Otherwise, if you still want to use a VPN on your device, you must ask your VPN provider to enable UDP.
  • You may also find another VPN provider that provides UDP with servers by default.
  • We would suggest you not use one as it can also cause some other kinds of errors with Discord or other applications.

3.Uninstall/Disable Your Anti-Virus/Firewall

  • Antivirus software has the right to monitor the incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  • There is a possibility that a third-party antivirus system is installed on your PC, stopping the packet exchange between your PC and the discord server.
  • As a result, your computer is incapable of connecting to some discord channels.
  • However, the first thing you can try out is to add the discord application to the whitelist in your antivirus system.
  • On the other hand, the antivirus system does not allow you for that; you can opt to disable it for some time and see if the issue is still there.
  • You can go to your Antivirus software settings and choose to disable features like Internet Security, Firewall, etc.
  • Otherwise, you can even disable the entire antivirus system for a while and check if it solves the problem.
  • Your Antivirus or Firewall could theoretically be meddling with Discord.
  • Uninstalling it or removing it from its services could get your voice chat up and going on over.
  • After disabling it, you will need to restart your computer to make sure it is workings properly.

4. Change Server Voice Region on Discord

  • Discord might not communicate if you are facing the RTC connecting no route discord problem.
  • However, it is straightforward to resolve as Discord allows you to change the voice region manually, and this can be a lot helpful for you to fix the problem.
  • But, the solution is a bit tricky as you can’t fix it from your computer. You need to appeal to the server admin to change the server region from their side.
  • You can suggest them to change it by going to Discord Settings > Server Settings > Server Region.
  • If you are the supervisor of your Discord channel, you can alter the server region.

5. Disable Quality of Service (QoS) on Discord

  • Generally, there are many settings available in Discord that allow you to play with the quality of service you get.
  • It includes the sound quality you hear from others and the audio quality you send to others.
  • Since all the information is sent and received in packets, you can enable the Quality of Service High Packet Priority to have the best experience possible over Discord.
  • But, the only prerequisite is that you must have a good internet connection for that.
  • Some Discord users claim that disabling the QoS settings on their account fixed the Discord’s RTC connecting issue. Here is how:

6. Ask Network Admin

  • Network Administrator has the right to block definite apps to work on the network.
  • If you are connected to some public network or belong to some private organization, you can encounter such problems with Discord naturally.
  • If you are using Discord at a school or a business network, it may not work if restricted by the site.
  • Also find more helpful resources at techiescity

7. Clear the DNS Cache

  • Clearing the DNS Cache can also help resolve the Discord RTC no routing issue as many users test it.
  • The process is pretty modest as all you need to do a bunch of commands.

Step 1. Press the Windows Key + R combination to open the Run dialogue box on your screen.

Step 2. Now, type in “cmd” and use the Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run it as the administrator.

Step 3. Afterward, execute the following commands, one by one.

Step 4. These commands will flush the old DNS settings from your computer and then renew it as well.

Step 5. For the last step, close all windows and restart your PC to save the changes.

  • We hope all these methods and fixes help you resolve the Discord no route RTC connecting error completely.
  • And it helps you connect to the discord server back again without any hassle.
  • All the methods are super-easy to execute.
  • After making these changes to your computer, a reboot is recommended, and after that, you can check if the Discord No Route problem is resolved or not.