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Important Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
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Important Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Important Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle – As the new year approaches, many adults start thinking about how to get into better shape, drop a few excess pounds, or finally get that comprehensive medical exam they’ve been putting off for years. January brings in much more than cold weather. Along with the year’s first month comes thoughts of getting healthy, eating right, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking. Everyone has their own set of goals, but for many people who spend eight hours per day behind a desk, getting in shape is often at the top of the list of new year’s resolutions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of reasons to pay attention to the state of your body’s overall condition. For example, you can reap benefits like living longer, paying less for life insurance, having more spending money, enjoying improved mental health, sleeping without worries about major illness, living with peace of mind, and more. The habits of people who age well vary from financial all the way to self-care strategies, and all are important. Here are some of the finer points and main advantages of giving your body the attention it needs to thrive and live well.


Compare the cost of life insurance, and you’ll instantly discover that a healthful lifestyle pays actual dividends. But there’s more to the equation than dollars. That’s because when you avoid disease and illness, you have a better chance of living to a ripe old age. Of course, the point is common sense. Still, far too many young people ignore the value of regular doctor visits, eating right, getting the right amount of sleep, avoiding tobacco use, and exercising regularly. When you ask people why they try to stay in shape, usually their first response is, “I want to live longer.”

Longevity - Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Lower Life Insurance Premiums

Working adults in good physical shape are often surprised at how much money they can save on life insurance. The reason is simple. Companies save money by insuring healthy people because there’s a better chance that policyholders will live longer, pay more premiums, and not die at a young age. Keep in mind that insurers use mathematical and statistical models to set their rates, which is why a healthy 25-year-old, for example, will pay much less for a term or whole-life policy than someone who smokes, is obese, or already has a medical illness.

If you do become terminally ill, you can sell your policy while you’re still alive and use the proceeds for anything you want. The process is called a viatical settlement. Those who take advantage of this strategy are often surprised to discover that they can get significant amounts of money not subject to taxation. For example, suppose you opt for a viatical settlement after coming down with a life-threatening illness. In that case, you can use the money to pay your open medical bills, pay off the mortgage, make a gift to loved ones, take a vacation, or whatever you wish. Review a comprehensive guide that explains all the essential facts about the viatical settlement process to learn the details.

Bigger Savings Accounts

Most don’t immediately associate physical wellbeing with financial abundance. But if you stop and think about it, the concept makes perfect sense. Have you ever tallied up the cost of cigarettes, fast food, junk food, alcohol (in excessive amounts), and other unhealthful food and drink items? The numbers are staggering, primarily because retailers charge high prices for tobacco and alcohol products.

On top of that, smokers, heavy drinkers, and people who eat non-nutritious foods tend to need more medical care in emergency rooms and hospitals. In general, avoiding risky products like tobacco means fewer medical bills. The bottom line is that those who watch what they eat and drink tend to have more discretionary money on hand.

Better Mental Health

There’s an old saying in regards to a healthy body, healthy mind. While it is just an adage, there is some truth to the words. Perhaps you’ve noticed that when your body is in top shape, you sleep better, think more clearly, work more efficiently, and are not plagued by the prospect of facing a severe illness. Ask anyone diagnosed with cancer. You’re likely to hear a familiar story about anxiety keeping them awake at night, their daily fear of dying, or the mental anguish that comes with high hospital bills and financial stress. It’s only logical that our bodies often dictate how our minds react to life and the conditions we face.

Enjoying Children and Grandkids

It’s a fact of human nature that no one wants to die young. This is particularly true for those who have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Visit any park on a sunny day, and you’re bound to see large numbers of proud grandparents playing with youngsters. For many people, the joy of sharing time with grandkids is the best part of growing older. And, if you’re lucky enough to have great-grandchildren, all those years of healthful living have indeed paid off in a big way.

Social Activities

When your body is operating as it should, you have choices. For many adults, some of those choices include taking part in activities like bowling leagues, competitive tennis, jogging, weightlifting, recreational swimming, daily bicycle rides, roller blading, skiing vacations, softball competition, long walks, scuba diving, sailing, and dozens of other fun, social sports. You can choose any number of activities when you’re in good physical shape, no matter your age.

Peace of Mind

Getting a good night’s rest is an under-appreciated factor in life. When you visit the doctor regularly and stay on top of any minor problems that arise, you’ll sleep better at night. There’s a certain kind of mental peace that comes with stable physical wellbeing. Everyone knows that it’s vital to discover a severe disease as early as possible. When you get prompt, high-quality medical treatment, it can mean the difference between surviving for many more years and dying at a relatively young age. If you want the peace of mind that comes with being in excellent health, get regular checkups and tell your doctor about anything that seems out of the ordinary.

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