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React vs Angular How to Choose the Best Framework for Your Project

React vs Angular How to Choose the Best Framework for Your Project

React vs Angular How to Choose the Best Framework for Your Project – JavaScript frameworks are evolving rapidly. This means that at the moment, the versions of Angular, React, as well as other participants in the Vue.js market are regularly updated.

We decided to talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them in order to help developers choose the best option for further use. Also in the article, you will learn about the role of the front end react developer in this matter.

Angular pros and cons

It is a superhero environment, it appeared about 12 years ago. One of the main purposes – use in the process of creating interactive applications. The main advantages are:

  • the ability to use in conjunction with Typescript, for this purpose the necessary support is provided;
  • provides intelligence in the process of automatic filling of the template;
  • new functions are provided, libraries are used, as well as development of components;
  • detailed documentation was made, when using which there is no need to ask for help from colleagues, but it will take a lot of time to learn;
  • data binding is one-way, which allows for exceptional application behavior, as well as significantly reduce the likelihood of errors;
  • developers have the opportunity, using the same data set, to work separately on sections;
  • there is an injection of dependencies on components associate with modules, as well as modularity in general;
  • In order to achieve greater scalability of the project, the structure and architecture are pre-create.

Negative points:

  • a large number of structures can be difficult to learn when compared with the other two, which only have Component;
  • relatively low performance, different indicators are taken into account, but on the other hand, there is a possibility of solving the problem if you use Change Detection Strategy, which allows you to manually control the rendering process family man 2 review

Positive and negative qualities of React

Positive and negative qualities of React - React vs Angular How to Choose the Best Framework for Your Project

The library develope by Facebook about eight years ago. It’s great for building modern single page apps, size and scale don’t matter.

The advantages of the library are:

  • ease of learning, due to the simple design, as well as the use of JSX in the process of creating templates, well-executed documentation;
  • fast work, thanks to different rendering optimizations, as well as the use of React Virtual DOM;
  • high-quality support for rendering by the server, it can use as a powerful platform for creating content-oriente applications;
  • thanks to the generator, the application characterize by excellent support;
  • data binding is one-way, it creates a minimum number of side effects;
  • the most demanded platform for managing the state of the application is Redux, it is easy to use and learn;
  • the possibility of functional programming is provided, which in the future allows you to create, test and reuse code;
  • Applications are easy to create, thanks to the built-in support for SX;
  • easy transition between versions, it introduces “code modules” that automate most of the processes;
  • the acquired skills can be further use in the development process in React Native.

Negative points when working with the library:

  • characterized by ambiguity, some developers do not want to work with it, they are looking for the best option for development, and this significantly affects the ambitions to take leadership positions and popularity among users;
  • the community is divide into ways of writing, which, in turn, subdivide into traditional style sheets as well as CSS-in-JS;
  • there is a rejection of class-based components, and this can also become a problem for developers accustomed to working with object-oriented programming;
  • there is a mixing of templates with logic, which, as a result, may negatively affect the understanding of the developers of this library upon first acquaintance.

Despite some shortcomings, many world-famous companies are currently using React.

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