What is Pokémon?

Pokémon have left their mark on several generations of children in playgrounds. Between video games and collectible cards, It has become a significant phenomenon.

Even today, children are still attracted to these creatures, which now number in the hundreds.

Many adults are also die-hard Pokémon players with the different versions of the game, bringing their share of new features.

If you want to learn all about Pokémon, you can’t just play for a few minutes on a Nintendo Switch console or Android.

It has become a whole world-famous world with many products.

The origin of these little creatures, however, comes from an elementary, almost childish idea.

Know Pokémon universe to catch them all finally

  • Catch them all! Pokémon have landed all over the world for over 20 years.
  • Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or even Squirtle have become the companions of millions of players, all followers of the universe created by the developer Satoshi Tajiri in the 90s.
  • If it has initially been only a video game available on Game Boy, it quickly entered pop culture and has been available in animation, games like collectible cards, and even films.
  • Many people have wanted to follow in Ash’s footsteps and become a great trainer.

Know Pokémon universe to catch them all finally

The birth of Pokémon

  • Japanese developer Satoshi Tajiri created the Pokémon universe.
  • The name comes from the contraction of Poketto MonsutÄ, that is to say, Pocket Monsters (pocket monsters in French).
  • It is the Franchise title, which is now worth several billion dollars and the name of the creatures inhabiting the Pokémon universe’s world.
  • There are more than 800 species of Pokémon spread over eight generations.
  • The childhood of Satoshi Tajiri inspires the idea of Pokémon, who raised locusts intended for the race.
  • He also loved collecting insects since his nickname was Dr. Bug (insect doctor).
  • It is also by imagining insects crawling on the link cable (cable between two video game consoles) that he wanted to create a game around this idea.
  • Satoshi Tajiri came to work for Nintendo and met Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Zelda.
  • The first Pokémon (or Pocket Monsters at the time), Green and Red video games were released for Game Boy in 1996 only in Japan.
  • The games are very quickly successful, and an animated series and a card game of collectible cards are created. Its success is only just beginning.

Pokémon video games

  • If it is a franchise that originates from video games, the universe has expanded to offer a vast offer of Pokémon games, toys, and derivative objects.
  • It is, all the same, the video games that allowed the universe of Satoshi Tajiri to grow and become the global phenomenon we know today.
  • Pokémon Go is also a video game available on iOS and Android. As soon as released it, the game met with great success introducing a new way of playing thanks to virtual reality.

Pokémon figurines

  • For collectors and fans of the Pokémon universe, it is also possible to find the main characters of the Franchise and the Pokémon in figurines.
  • Different distributors sell figurines like Tomy, with realistic figurines or even famous Funko Pop
    figurines, which stylize the characters and Pokémon in their way.

Its animations

  • The series was broadcast for the first time in Japan in 1997, a year after the first video games’ release.
  • Tokyo Studio OLM produced this series, and Satoshi Tajiri and Junichi Masuda, and Ken Sugimori created it.
  • The animated series follows Ash’s adventures in his quest to become a Pokémon Master. Today the series has more than 1000 episodes to its credit and is still in production.

What are the top 10 strongest Pokémon?

  • Very difficult to create a TOP of the most powerful Pokémon, as there are so many today. Here are the 10 strongest in this universe; however, there are some surprises with almost unknown Legendary creatures!

1. Dragonite

  • Best of the Best, Dracolosse is the evolution of Draco, himself an evolution of Mini Draco.
  • He can hit 3,500 combat points, and best of all, he’s just as strong on offense as he is on defense.
  • He’s fast and has plenty of flames in his bag to make the enemy fold.


2. Snorlax

  • Snorlax is not an evolution. It is known to do almost nothing but eat and sleep.
  • Snorlax can reach 3112 combat points and is particularly difficult to damage due to its weight.
  • It is, therefore, above all, a promising recruit in defense.

3. Arcanine

  • It is the evolution of Casinos. It can reach 2983 combat points.
  • Arcanine is a powerful Pokémon in the attack, swift and beneficial against it that do not like fire! (Like those of ice).

4. Lokhlass

  • Scarce water and ice-type Pokémon, Lokhlass is not an evolution.
  • If he is not the strongest in the attack, it is challenging to reach him. It can get 2980 combat points.

5. Noadkoko

  • Noadkoko is the evolution of Nœunoeuf, and he can reach 2995 battle points.
  • A plant-type Pokémon, it is almost as strong in attack as in defense, and its psychic attacks (such as hypnosis, which plunges into a deep sleep) are very disabling for its opponents.

6. Aquali

  • Aquali is Eevee’s best evolution, transforming into two other Pokémon (Voltali and Pyroli).
  • He can reach 2816 battle points and is very (very) fast when attacking.

7. Leviator

  • Many videos have recently shown significant crowd movements during his appearances, especially in Bordeaux.
  • Levitator is very sought after, mostly because its evolution would take 400 Magikarps!
  • His fire-type attacks and ability to fly make him a very formidable opponent.

8. Pyroli

  • It is, therefore, one of the other evolutions of Eevee. Fire-type Pokémon has special defenses that allow it, for example, to increase its strength when it receives a fire-type attack.
  • It can reach 2643 battle points.

9. Grotadmorv

  • Poison-type Pokémon is quite strong in attack, but on the other hand, it is prolonged and physically fragile.
  • Grotadmorv leaves a very toxic liquid behind, and his putrid smell causes unconsciousness. It can reach 2602 combat points.

10. Charizard (tied with Grotadmorv)

  • Charizard is the evolution of the cute Charmander. He can achieve the same score as his buddy Grotadmorv, but he is a Fire Pokémon.
  • His rightfully preferred attack is fire-spitting at a too high temperature.