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PMP Course Curriculum

PMP Course Curriculum

PMP Course Curriculum – PMP examination always comes with a very comprehensive and well-structured certification syllabus which will include the multiple processes which have been perfectly defined into the PMBOK guide. These kinds of processes can be perfectly mapped across 10 knowledge areas along with five process groups.

The course and curriculum outline of the PMP certification in Bangalore has been perfectly explained as follows:

  1. It will include the introduction to PMP along with terminologies associated with the project management field for example project life-cycle, the relationship between portfolio management, operations management and several other kinds of things.
  2. It will include the organisational influences as well as product life-cycle which will further make sure that people will be clear about project stakeholders, governance and the importance of project management.
  3. The project management process will include the five process groups at the overview level along with knowledge areas of the project management field.
  4. This is the first knowledge area into the PMP certification course content that will help in explaining the coordination of different elements into a project for example activities, schedules and all the stakeholders.
  5. The project scope management will include the needs which have to be executed into the project in this particular section will also provide the people with a clear-cut idea about different procedures which will be required in the whole system.
  6. The candidates need to be clear about project schedule management so that they can score well in the examination and can estimate the resource allocation accurately.
  7. The curriculum also includes the project cost management systems which will be based upon estimating, allocating and controlling the budget of the project along with individual activity and resource costs.
  8. Project quality management is another very important component of the curriculum and will be based upon defining the quality standards and methods of testing the quality to ensure that standards are efficiently met and there is a good amount of quality assurance of the process.
  9. Project resource management will further include estimation of the resource requirements based upon acquiring resources and several other kinds of activities so that it will include the steps of the building, developing, managing and controlling the resource teams. The project communication management will also help in making sure that candidates will be clear about different modes of communication that can be set up for smoother operations in the whole process.
  10. The people need to be clear about risk management procedures in terms of identification, performing of the risk analysis, risk response and implementation of everything in a way that risks are perfectly monitored.
  11. Project governance management is another very important knowledge area that will include the estimations associated with elements like workers, materials and equipment.
  12. The project stakeholder management is another very important thing that will be clued in to the curriculum of technology and field and will be studying the impact of all the people who will be the stakeholders of the project management field.

Hence, the PMP certification online is very well capable of covering all the above-mentioned topics that people will be very much successful in terms of becoming the most important component of the ecosystem of project management so that they can appear in the exam confidently and clear it with good marks in the very first attempt.

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