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Places to Have Fun in Germany

Places to Have Fun in Germany

Germany is one of the tourist destinations in Europe where you can find attractions and places for all tastes and of course, for the whole family. Amusement parks, forests, beaches, castles, museums, Theme park Movie Park and a thousand other things you can discover when traveling in Germany. Without a doubt, this is a country where you will find many activities and entertainment, for example, you can enjoy sports, cultural activities and unique experiences in nature.

Traveling with children in Germany will not be a concern, since we are sure that you will always find activities or places where you can have a good time with your family. Without a doubt, before making the trip, you must choose the destinations to visit. Having an itinerary will allow you and your family to enjoy a spectacular vacation. Not to mention you may also want to consult a property management franchise to help you plan your vacation and get an idea of your accommodations.

If you are living in Germany and you are planning your next vacation; Or you are traveling through Europe, and you will spend a few days in this country, here we leave you the best places to travel in Germany with family, which should not be missing on your list of places to visit if your little ones accompany you. We assure you that both you and them will enjoy these places to the fullest, and above all, you will not have to worry about keeping them busy and entertained.

1. Legoland

Legoland - Places to Have Fun in Germany

Legoland is a perfect place to visit with your family. For Lego fans, this place is the closest thing to paradise. It is located only 130 km. from Munich. The theme park allows families and children to play different roles that adults would not usually allow or be their favorite heroes. Children may also participate in different workshops, shows and watch 4D movies. To be able to enjoy each of the Legoland attractions fully, it takes around 12 hours, it is a smaller park than Euro Disney, and where you will not have to fight so much with the huge lines. If you desire or plan to stay a night or 2 to enjoy each of the attractions calmly, we recommend that you look for accommodation on the outskirts of the park, since if you stay in the nearby hotels, you will have to pay 30% more than normal.

2. Visit BONBON Land


A perfect place for a family vacation, BonBon Land is an amusement park opened in 1992 by Michael Spangenberg in the town of Næstved, south of Zealand, in Denmark. But who is Michael Spangenberg? The answer is central to the history of the park. Spangenberg is a confectioner who owns a candy factory located on the outskirts of Næstved. One day, while making brown candy paste, one of her children commented that it looked like dog poop. At that time, he came up thru the idea of creating a brand of eschatological and risky treats for children, with such hooligan and funny names like dog poop, big tits, ear wax, monkey brains, etc.

Far from producing disgust, the treats quickly became popular with children and young people across Denmark when Michael Spangenberg decides to open his own amusement park, in principle, a candy store, a cinema, and a pond with boats and ducks. The space began to grow from that moment on, incorporating the first attractions, such as the Dog Farts roller coaster (Hundeprutte), the crazy turtle, the water rat, the pirate island, the boar track, etc. That is to say. Currently the park has an area of 130,000 m 2 and about 60 attractions. Some have become a bit outdated, but they are so original that they amuse both children and adults. Every year, Bonbon Land is visited by thousands of tourists who also take the opportunity to visit Næstved, with its medieval airs, or the fishing village of Karrebaeksminde.

3. Wilhelma Zoo

The greatest place for a family vacation is Located in Stuttgart. Wilhelma is the largest zoo in Europe. It also has a beautiful ethnobotanical garden that can be visited with the family. You can access the zoo via Neckartalstraße, in the district of Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Getting to the place is quite simple, you can do it by train or bus, and there is also a fun route that you can follow by car, you have to follow the signs with elephants. In the ethnobotanical garden, you can find a collection of plants worldwide, accompanied by impressive Moorish-style buildings. While in the zoo, you can see more than 9,000 animals belonging to more than 1,000 different species. The zoo can be visited throughout the year, and its hours go from 8:15 a.m. to 4 or 6 p.m.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle - Places to Have Fun in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, the quintessential fairytale castle, is located in the state of Bavaria near Füssen. It served as the stimulus for the creation of the Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty.”

Its construction began in 1868, when the castles were no longer strategically functional, however, it was part of an illusion of King Louis II, who could not see the construction finished since it was inaugurated 7 weeks after his demise. This is one of the utmost visited tourist attractions in all of Europe, so you can’t miss it, plus your little ones will feel like princes and princesses.

5. Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum)

This is one of the most famous toy museums in the world, located in Nuremberg. In it, toys from the last 200 years are exhibited. Most of these toys are the product of Lydia and Paul Bayer’s decades-long collection, which began in the 1920s when they did not attribute any value to the toys for most people.

The museum has existed since 1971, where toys of all ethnic groups are found and an extensive number of models, cardboard horses, dolls, carts, among many others. Visiting this museum is the dream of any child and a return to the childhood of an adult. Therefore, you cannot miss the European toy capital.

6. Sea Life Aquarium

Get to know the fantastic underwater world together with your children. This is one of the most popular family attractions in Germany. Here you can see from turtles and jellyfish to imposing sharks. Fortunately, Sea Life is located in different cities in Germany: Berlin, Lake Constance, Hannover, Speyer, Munich, Timmendorfer Strand, Oberhausen and Königswinter. If one of these cities is included in your travel plan, don’t forget to include the Sea Life aquarium in your plans, we are sure that you and your little ones will love learning more about marine life.

7. Phantasialand

About 20 km from Cologne is Brühl’s Phantasialand theme park. Here you can find everything from steam carousels to roller coasters. It doesn’t matter if you decide to visit the park on summer or winter vacations, this park will always have fabulous shows to welcome you with. The park is divided into 6 themed zones, which are suitable for children of all ages. If you want to stay in the theme park for one or more nights, you can stay at the Ling Bao hotel, which, thanks to the fact that it is built under the principles of Feng Shui, you and your family can relax.

8. Europa Park

Another perfect place to visit with your family, Europa Park is the most popular theme park in Europe and is one of the biggest. The federal state of Baden-Württemberg is located between Freiburg im Breisgau and Strasbourg.

The main mascot of the theme park is a gray mouse, called “Euromaus” or “Euroratón,” although, like Disney, it is possible to find many other characters living in the park. To fully enjoy this tourist attraction, since it has 16 roller coasters and 100 attractions, it is recommended to stay in some of its four hotels or its camping area. It is important to note that the park is only open for two seasons, the first in summer from April 1 to November 5 and the second in winter, from November 25 to January 7.


In the above post, we have mentioned a few places to visit with your family on vacation in Germany. We quorablog hope you find the above article informative. If you would like to read more informative articles, please visit our blog daily.

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