Orange Essence

Orange essence is a creating essence that League of Legends players can use for crafting any skin, from skin shards to ward skins or aesthetic items.

It functions like Riot Points(RP) even though League of Legends fans can buy RP from the workshop.

It means that, by acquiring it, players get cosmetic like skin, which sometimes costs some grave currency.

However, players can avoid purchasing RP by farming orange essence, collecting skin shards, and trading for new cosmetics.

Why is it hard to get Orange Essence?

  • Free-to-play games like League of Legends rely on micro-transactions for things like cosmetics to fund development.
  • Despite massive investments from companies like Tencent and sponsors like Kia, Riot Games consistently incorporates cosmetics, pets, and other items available for purchase.Instead of purchasing RP with money, players can use it to unlock skins.
  • Players earn orange essence by performing well and playing a great deal, keeping LoL players and not in a rival game like Overwatch or Smite.
  • The obvious way to acquire more Orange Essence includes purchasing a chest from the stockpile.

What can I do with the orange essence in League of Legends?

  • A new concept has emerged in the past few seasons of (Lol) League of Legends.
  • It creates a champion or ward skin permanent using its skin shard.
  • Two ways to get it in (Lol) League of Legends
  • Every time every champion that you or a teammate scores S grade in-game, you will receive a chest.
  • The chest mostly contains a skin shard, but sometimes you also get up to 270 orange essences when you open the chest.
  • It permanently unlocks the skin of your favorite champion or ward via the skin shard.

How can you get Orange essence?

1. Getting it by disenchanting skin shard

  • The most reliable way and perhaps the least frustrating way to involve money is to disenchant skin shards from chests into orange essence.
  • For players who want a skin here or there, this might work very well.
  • But for the Collectors out there, harvesting it could save players money in the long run.
  • The best thing players can do is play the game and play it well.

2. Getting the orange essence from the (Lol) League of Legends store.

You can also purchase it from the League of Legends store.

  1. Firstly, Click on the store icon.
  2. Then click on Loot.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom, and find multiple chests there.
  4. You can either buy the Masterwork Chest or the combo of 5 Hextech Chests & Keys + Bonus Essence to get it.
  5. Note that while the combo is guaranteed to contain 50 orange essences, the Masterwork Chest might have it, emote, and champion or ward skin shard.

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