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North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort  

North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort  

North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort  

Hello everyone, we will talk in English about the North Island billetter og adgangskort, which means North Island tickets and access cards. One of Copenhagen’s most popular tourist attractions is Nordøen. You must have an access card or ticket to the North Island.  

Access card – North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort (1)

With an access card, you can access the entire North Island, including The Little Mermaid, the Citadel, and Langelinie. You can buy the access card for one day, several days, or a whole year at a time. 

Adults pay DKK 125 for a day pass, while children pay DKK 65. A 3-day card costs DKK 250 for adults and DKK 125 for children. The price for an annual pass to the North Island, which gives you unlimited access for a year, is DKK 350. 

Admission tickets can be bought either at the entrance to Nordøen or online in advance. You can print the card at home or show it on your mobile phone if you shop online. 

If you have an access card, you can move freely around the North Island during its validity period. Just show it at the entrance.  


If you only want to visit specific attractions on the North Island, you can also buy separate tickets. The price for adults for The Little Mermaid is DKK 125, while children can enter for DKK 65. The cost for adults to the Citadel is DKK 140, while DKK 70 for children. 

You can only buy tickets for The Little Mermaid and the Citadel on the spot. Online sales are not offered. Tickets are only valid for the specific attraction and at the time of purchase. They can only be used for this attraction and at this time. 

If you only want to see, for example, The Little Mermaid, then it is cheaper to buy an individual ticket than a complete admission ticket. An access card is more advantageous if you want to see more things on the North Island. 

Types of Tickets and Access Cards in the North Island 

Various tickets and access cards are issued to tourists for traveling in and around tourist destinations in the North Island region of New Zealand. A ticket or card can offer different discounts and offers to various places and introduce you to the places you want to go. 

 Public Transportation Tickets and Passes 

There is a wide range of public buses, trains, and ferries running within the North Island cities like Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua, and other destinations that are used for transportation within towns. Options include: 

  • Open tickets—These do not include return fares but are bought upon departure. They require fewer trips but are more expensive if you don’t change modes frequently. 
  • Day tickets—These are One–ticket usages for unlimited travelling in a zone for a day. They’re about $250, the price of two single tickets, but with the flexibility to join or leave in between. 
  • Monthly/multi-day pass: For long-term journeys, one can opt for tickets such as weekly, monthly, or multi-day passes that can be used on buses, trains, and ferries within cities and regions.  North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort  

Attraction and Event Admission Tickets in North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort   

Entry to North Island’s must-see places, for instance, Sky Tower, Te Papa National Museum, Hobbiton, concerts, or rugby matches, must all be purchased on-site or in advance. Options include: 

Standard ticket—The entry ticket is usually provided to attendees when they enter the event venue. Costs depend on the site or event’s demand. Some have flexible start dates and times, while others have strict admissions times. 

Shopping passes – A set of passes that can enter one or more venues in a single package. Saving money as these tend to be cheaper than purchasing all components individually. 

Fast passes are tickets that cost more but allow free alcohol, food, and direct access to the main stage or the backstage. They enhance the experience with great promo. 

Public Transportation Access Cards in North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort   

An access card is available for frequent public transport users on the North Island, making paying for travel more accessible and entitling them to various benefits. The significant cards available are: The major cards available are: 

Fare and ticketing—AT HOP smartcard for Auckland region train, bus, and ferry travel. It lets you load money on the go and pay by touching your phone to the terminal for a record or lower price. 


In this post, we have discussed North Island Billetter Og Adgangskort. When choosing between an admission card or separate tickets, consider whether you need to visit the entire North Island or just specific attractions. Typically, online sales offer the best prices on access card.

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