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New Dog Checklist: Everything You Need for Your Furry Friend

New Dog Checklist: Everything You Need for Your Furry Friend

New Dog Checklist: Everything You Need for Your Furry Friend – Did you know that more than 90 million US households own pets? This number has only gone up in the wake of the pandemic. Pets can help you cope with stress and anxiety, and they always become beloved family members.

If you want to join these 90 million happy pet owners and are getting a new dog, you might find that your puppy is causing more stress than it is relieving! To help you get ready and prepare for your new dog, we put together this new dog checklist so you can make sure you have your bases covered.

Read on to ease your stress and learn how to prepare for a new dog!

The Dog Basics

Of course, you’ll need the basic supplies to take care of your dog: food, water, and feeding bowls. In addition, you should have a leash and collar so your pup can start getting used to the feeling.

If you’re dealing with a very young dog, you should add dog gates to your new puppy checklist. If you can keep your puppy in a contained area, it’s easier to keep an eye on them and to puppy-proof the area.

Puppies love chewing, so make sure to remove any shoes and choking hazards from your puppy’s area, and pick up a few toys for them to chew on. If they start chewing on something you don’t want them to, redirect them to a toy.

Get a Doggie Door

Almost every new dog owner’s first priority is potty training. The sooner you can teach your dog how to go to the bathroom, the better.

This is why you should get your doggie door installed as soon as possible. Puppies are learning machines and will start picking up on patterns immediately. So, the earlier you can show them their doggie door, the earlier they’ll start using it and the cleaner your house will be.

Sleep Pattern Planning

If you’re bringing home a new pet, make sure you have their sleeping situation planned out. Expect that it will take them some time to adjust, and they will probably be confused, disoriented, and lonely.

To help them feel more comfortable, pick up a small crate, and use a soft bed and blanket to pad the inside. It should feel like a cozy little nook to them. Bigger crates can feel scarier and less secure to your new puppy.

Keep the crate next to your bed so you can soothe them, but don’t bring them into your bed or create a habit of attachment. Instead, you can give them a soft toy to cuddle with to keep them company.

A New Dog Checklist for a Happy Pup

With this puppy checklist, you should be ready to welcome your new furry friend to your home. Taking in a new dog can be stressful but is ultimately very rewarding and joyful. Print out this new dog checklist and take it to the pet store to get your family and your home ready!

If you enjoyed learning what to buy a new dog, we have tons more articles for pet owners on our blog. Check it out for more!

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